FC Penny Announces Personal & Business Loans Available Regardless of Credit History

Over the past few years, the possibility of getting a loan from banks and loan companies has gradually gone from difficult to impossible, with very high rates, and impossible to meet deadlines that leave individuals in debt and in worry. With FC Penny, you don’t have to worry about deadlines or credit history.

FC Penny, a privately owned financial institution, with head office in New York is proud to bring to the notice of the general public, their amazing lending services that offers personal & business loans at amazing rates, regardless of your credit score.

These services include personal loans for individuals looking to purchase a car, settle a debt or even further their education, as well as loans for small and large scale businesses. FC Penny home mortgage loans are the best you would find, with long term repayment plans that best suits you and your income.

FC Penny prides itself in its quick and efficient services through the help of the ever-ready FC Penny advisors who would help you understand and make great decisions. With FC Penny your loans are made available to you, within  3-4 working days, a feature that puts them ahead in the competition.

Log onto their website at https://fcpenny.com to apply for your loan today.

About FC Penny

FC Penny is a lending company that also offers the services of a bank at a small scale, you can save with FC Penny, as well as get debit cards for your checking accounts. “This Company was created with the single goal of making it easy for individuals to access loans in The United States” says Charles A. Parker. Chairman, FC Penny Financial Group.   

For more information about FC Penny, Log onto their website at https://fcpenny.com or email them at admin@fcpenny.com

Media Contact
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City: New York City
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Country: United States
Website: https://fcpenny.com