FEELDOPE Premium CBD Infused vape E-Juice

Feel Dope LLC. Born and Raised out of Las Vegas Nevada.

The CBD infused e-juice company that is coming out and making waves with its premium vapor liquids.

All the highest graded material are used and fused together  in the USA to make Feel Dope E-liquids.
100% organic and 50 state legal industrial Hemp is used for the extraction of the Cannabidiol or CBD, separating the useful cannabinoids from the THC. Unlike THC , CBD does not cause a high, because CBD is not psycho-active and does not contain any psycho-active properties. CBD however has a wide range of medical benefits and the list continues to grow. Some of the health benefits include

1. The reduction of nausea and vomiting.
2. Suppresses seizure activity
3. Combats inflammatory disorders
4. Combats neurodegenerative disorders
5. Combats tumor and cancer cells
6. Combats anxiety and depression disorders.

More and more evidence of CBD’s medical benefits continue to grow.
In a world where consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the of the harmful things we put in our bodies , CBD is a good healthy choice and path to take to help without the everyday health ritual.

There is absolutely zero nicotine in all of the e-juice flavors, as Feel Dope is committed to the holistic and healthy CBD vape experience. There are several flavors to choose from, 6 to be exact, and with an additional e-juice also infused with melatonin and combined with CBD called Dope Dreams. A different spin that hasn’t been seen yet on the market. Feel Dope also carry a line of other products that include pill form CBD and melatonin for those still uncomfortable with smoke or vape ingestion. Feel Dope are here to help discover alternative methods for Health, pain relief and relaxation.

The new world of CBD is upon us and the good people at Feel Dope are posed to make in impact in the CBD vape world.

For more product information or to purchase product directly, you can find them on the web at Feeldope.com