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Field Inspections Opportunity to Earn Extra Income – National Association of Field Inspections LLC-NAOFI

The National Association of Field Inspectors (NAOFI) LLC. is offering the opportunity to become a Certified Field Inspector. Once qualified, participants will have the opportunity to earn an extra income by working as an independent field inspector. 

Working as a field inspector is the ideal low-cost business. It is possible to work either part time or full time. The job offers complete flexibility; participants can work a few hours an evening, on the weekend or work full time. It provides the ideal opportunity for families that are looking to earn extra income. 

Field Inspectors are more often than not self-employed and have the freedom to work for any number of companies. Working as a field inspector is now seen as a genuine home business by many people, and as with any other home business, the hours worked are entirely up to the individual. 


Field inspection work spans many different industries, Real Estate investments, Insurance inspections, Mortgage inspections, auto inspections, photo inspections, just to name a few.

For those that are unfamiliar with field inspection, the role involves visiting a property and carrying out some basic checks. Inspectors will also need to take photographs of the property. Most checks only take a short amount of time to complete; it is possible to carry out several inspections a day. 

Field inspection work is suitable for both males and females; it provides the ideal opportunity to start and run a home business without having to invest too much money in start-up costs. 

Being certified via NAOFI will provide credibility, and that is the first step towards getting regular work. To find out more about the National Association of Field Inspectors LLC., or to sign up for the course, visit:

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Company Name: National Association of Field Inspections LLC-NAOFI
Contact Person: Media Relations

Country: United States


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