Film actress writer and producer Sabrina Culver has 40 credits to her name

The phrase that passion, perseverance, and hard-work can achieve anything is well exemplified by the indie film actress Sabrina Culver. This rising star from Cleveland, Ohio is an owner of a diverse personality. Apart from being an award winning actress, she is a writer and producer with more than 40 credits to her name. Her academic qualifications include a major in Musical Theatre from Emmerson College in Boston. She is also the CEO of production company Twin Flames Productions. Her award winning acting performances have achieved widespread fame and praise. With her role in ‘Remember My Story: Removed Part 2’ winning the festival award at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, she is all set for her way up.

Sabrina became actively involved in local theatre at a very young age in Westfield, New Jersey and Connecticut where she moved with her family. She got her first modelling and TV commercial jobs while she was still in middle school. Her talent and passion led her to becoming one of the 5 finalists in a Wella Balsam nationwide “We’re looking for Faces” contest. A memorable phase of her acting career came when she was selected to play the young Marilyn Monroe in the film Broken Dreams, after a nationwide search. She went on to act in a film which was shot in Beijing, China. This was followed by her remarkable performances in indie films like Removed (2013) which became a viral sensation and led to her winning the Best Supporting Actress award at St. Tropez International Film Festival in 2014. Her roles in Addiction: this is not a love story’ (2014), Lock Box’ (2014), and New Skin’ (2014) were also highly acclaimed. These movies earned several nominations and Sabrina won the Ruby award for the Best Actress and Best Lead Actress for New Skin’ at the 2015 CineRockom International Film Festival. This film also won the festival prize for Best Horror/Thriller movie at Wildwood Film Festival.

“Addiction”, a film which was written, produced, and starred by her, was nominated for four awards including the Best Short Film award at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, London. It went on to win the Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film award at St. Tropez International Film Festival. This film dealt with the issue of love addiction and how it affects the life of people. It showcases Sabrina’s all-round talents as an actress, writer, and producer. With 4 award wins and 10 nominations, she has received a lot of recognition and is becoming one of the most sought after actresses. She is quite excited by her success and is looking forward to making more meaningful movies which people can relate to. We wish this beautiful actress all the best for her endeavors.

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