June 14, 2016, Los Angeles, CA -Sensational R&B/Hip-Hop songwriter, Preme Writez, announces the release of first new single, Hello Hello. The new single from the Flyboy Rockstar Music Group Inc. is produced by multiple award winning music producer, Nate Rhoads. (@naterhoads |Instagram) The single is from the forthcoming album “The Wood” releasing July 4, 2016 (pre-order June 20, 2016). The Wood chronicles the journey of a struggling college student trying to escape the realities of Inglewood tempted by the fallacies of Hollywood. Preme Writez is a super talented singer with the ability to match the melody to film score without prior rehearsal or preparation.


Jared Howard, CEO commented, “I want this album to represent the city and reflect the struggle. No glitz and no glam.”


“When I heard the first ten (10) seconds, I loved it and immediately started thinking of visuals,” says video director Ricardo Navarro. (@12icardo_n |Instagram)




The new single is available on Soundcloud


Video Sneak Peek on YouTube


Preme Writez is a (2014) IMEA Nominee for R&B/Soul Album of the Year and MySpace Featured Artist.


Preme Writez, with his charismatic delivery and soulful instrumentation brings a new element to urban music. While sports taught him discipline and determination, music reverberates within his soul. Referencing to himself first as a songwriter then a performer, Preme defines his style as R&B infused with a kaleidoscope of genres; Rock, Soul, Hip-Hop etc. Not to be categorized within a box or subjected to any limitations, he is a personification of his brand Flyboy Rockstar. Preme, armed with a pen, pad and a piano is aiming to be considered as one of the greats of his time, such as his forefathers – Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.




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