First Ever Sukkah Cruise Sails for Denver NCSY

Denver NCSY will build and unveil the world’s largest Lego Chanukah Dreidel on December 5, 2021


DENVER – November 1, 2021 – Today, Denver NCSY, the Jewish youth group, shared the success of its unique Sukkah (traditional hut) Cruise event, which took place on September 26 at the Pelican Bay Marina. Rabbi Yonatan Nuszen arranged for the fun and unique Sukkot (Jewish holiday) celebration by renting the Pelican Princess Party Boat for its maiden voyage. The two-story, 60 foot yacht had a special outdoor Sukkah on deck. Approximately 200 participants enjoyed sushi, non-alcoholic Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris. The yacht made three separate Sukkah Cruise trips and party-goers were welcome to hang out and play volley ball and other games at the private yacht club.

“The Sukkah Cruise was inspired by Daf Yomi (daily Jewish learning program) and the Mishnah (traditional Jewish text),” said Rabbi Nuszen, who serves as Program Director of Denver NCSY and Youth Rabbi at Aish of the Rockies. “I road my bike around Cherry Creek Reservoir after having learned the Mishnah which said that it was completely acceptable to have a Sukkah on a boat. I saw a ‘tiki boat,’ and sent a photo of what looked like a ‘Sukkah on a boat’ to Rabbi Gelt. He loved the idea and asked whether we could make it happen. When asking about the tiki boat, the marina employees suggested that I return on the following day as they had just purchased a new yacht with two stories that might be a perfect boat for this idea. We hosted three separate voyages, one for community members, one for middle schoolers and their parents, and the final voyage was for the NCSY high school students. We were so fortunate to have celebrated Sukkot on a brand new yacht for it’s very first voyage, on the last day of the boating season. It was truly a blessing from G-d and could not have worked out any better.”

One of the parents of a Denver NCSYer and a participant of the Sukkah Cruise, Goldie Cohen said, “Sukkot is a holiday about community.  A holiday about being outside.  Rabbi Nuszen created a space on a boat, to bring all this magic together.  By moving, literally out of backyards and into the greater community, it allowed families that are just embracing these traditions to be involved.  It reached groups from teens to adults, to embrace this wondrous feeling of being together, in the sukkah, on the water, under the stars and fulfilling this mitzvah (good deed) with joy and gratitude. Creating creative spaces for us as a family to celebrate our Judaism is the greatest gift, and we are so thankful to Rabbi Nuszen and his team for supporting us on our Jewish Journey.”

Denver NCSYer Vered Donald shared, “The Sukkah cruise was an incredible mini journey. Sailing over the Cherry Creek Reservoir, while learning about Sukkot was truly an incredible experience. The best part was being able to spend time with other Jewish teens. The trip was both educational and a social joy. I can’t wait for the next one!”

“We want to especially thank everyone who made this incredible event possible and let them know just how much joy and nachas (Jewish pride) they gave to our participants,” added Rabbi Nuszen. “Everybody loved being outdoors, and having a chance to celebrate Sukkot by living the words of the Mishnah. The mitzvah of giving such a great experience to so many people is appreciated, and we look forward to celebrating many more fun NCSY holiday events together.”

Additional funds collected from the Sukkah Cruise will go toward a scholarship fund for NCSY teens to enjoy a Shabbaton (teen Shabbat experience), help fund the Chanukah (Jewish holiday) Concert and Dreidel (Jewish spinning top) Build.

Denver NCSY will also be hosting a Chanukah Concert on Sunday December 5, next door to Aish of the Rockies, where the group will unveil the world’s largest Lego Dreidel.

Denver NCSY is focused on providing Jewish empowerment and unity for teens and their families.

For more events and to register for the Chanukah concert, visit the website at

For information on participating in building the Lego Dreidel to “crush the world record,” contact Rabbi Yonatan at

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