OCTOBER 13, 2019​ — For the second time in two years, “Mad” Mike Hughes, the Flat Earther who  launched himself 1875 feet into the sky in a home-built rocket, will attempt to prove his theory  correct. This time the daredevil is taking his signature limousine on a coast-to-coast trip to  measure the curve of the United States.  

Flat Earthers claim that the curvature math which tells us how much curve there should be, per  mile, doesn’t match up with their observations. “​It does not get much flatter than Amarillo,” he  said of his proposed globe-debunking experiment. ​ If the globe curves 8 inches per mile squared,  then Interstate-40 would have 700 miles of curvature between Barstow, California, and  Wilmington, North Carolina. The limousine, outfitted with an oversized spirit-level, is towing a  mobile billboard explaining the concept for the experiment.  

This observation is sponsored by the Infinite Plane Society, a flat earth group who believe the  edge of the world is really Antarctica. “We’re the group that put ‘Research Flat Earth’ on his  steam-power rocket. This time, we’re putting ‘Storm Antarctica’ on the sides of his limousine,”  said IPS spokesman Tim Ozman.  

Hughes is also using this trip as a promotional tour for the documentary ROCKETMAN: “Mad”  Mike’s Mission to Prove Flat Earth, and he will have DVDs and movie posters for fans at each of  his stops. His television show to be featured on Science Channel is called ​Homemade  Astronauts​ and premieres in 2020. 

  • World-famous daredevil “Mad” Mike Hughes will be traversing the entirely of I-40 from  California to North Carolina this weekend to “measure the curvature of the United States”.
  • He expects to observe and measure 700 or more miles of curvature on I-40. If he does not,  then he will conclude the Flat Earth theory to provide a better explanation
  • He is promoting the documentary Rocketman “Mad” Mike’s Mission to Prove Flat Earth  https://www.realrocketman.com/ 

“​Mad​” ​Mike Hughes​ is an American limo driver, ​daredevil​, and flat-Earth conspiracy theorist  known for flying in self-built rockets. In 2002 he set a ​Guinness world record​ with a 103-foot (31  m) jump in a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo. His record-breaking steam-power rocket launch can  be viewed online at ​http://madmikehughes.com​. 

Hughes will be in Oklahoma City on Oct 12, 2019. 

Details for meet and greet opportunities are posted at ​http://madmikehughes.com

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