FlipNpik: Collaborative Social Media For Local Businesses

FlipNpik has been hailed to be one of the popular collaborative special media platforms for local businesses. The platform has been designed on the blockchain technology, and the aim is to distribute the generated value in an equal and decentralized manner.

FlipNpik has turned out to be one of the popular social media collaborative platforms that is mainly aimed at ensuring that local businesses could thrive easily. The whole ecosystem has been designed on the blockchain technology, and the focus is on sharing the value which is generated in a decentralized and equal manner.

The platform has been designed to offer an integrated solution to the local merchants that will allow them to implement targeted marketing strategies at affordable prices. Experts believe it to be the first Collaborative Social Media for local businesses, in which Inbound Marketing is optimized allowing a business to more rapidly transform a consumer to its brand Ambassador, in order to attract more clients and increase customers’ loyalty.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We thoroughly believe that the local businesses need to be promoted well and this is why we came up with the idea of this platform. With the participatory mode, we want the users and collaborators to give the opportunity to get the right rewards for their action.”

The platform makes use of the FNP token which is distributed n the platform itself. The flip social is a reward system which is mainly in place to help retain the users of the platform. The overall platform is designed in such a way that against their positive action towards the community, the users and collaborators receive the flip social which they can again use to buy various products and/or services.

Not just the users, businesses too can reap plenty of rewards as this kind of platform helps them in gaining visibility and procuring a larger customer base too. The partners and ambassadors will also have a lot to enjoy as they are entitled to receive from their business 20% of the budget for premium services.

FlipNpik is a social collaborative platform that makes use of blockchain technology. The aim is to offer such a platform which can promote local businesses as it makes use of tokens to carry out the different transactions. The platform aims at decentralized and equal distribution of generated value among the users. It has already gained quite a lot of popularity and is likely to become even more popular in the times to come.

Those who would like to know more about what this platform has to offer should make it a point to visit https://flipnpik.io/

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