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Florida Based Pooler Is The Exclusive Lottery App That Eliminates The Hassles Of Lottery Pool

New revolutionary lottery app Pooler has arrived to eliminate complex management issues of lottery pool and make the  process more convenient for users.

Miami,FL,December 27, 2017: Lottery pools are great to enhance winning chances yet the complex management issues of pools make things cumbersome for players. But not any more! The new premier lottery app Pooler is recently launched to put an end to all the hassles of managing office lottery pools or any lottery pool for Florida players. Developed by seasoned software engineers and lottery pool player enthusiasts, the app will check for winning numbers and deposit the share into user’s account immediately to eliminate the mishaps of unclaimed winning tickets.

Pooler will help players in Florida to play lottery pools conveniently and enhance their winning chances. The first version of the app is already available in the Apple App Store and the Android version can be downloaded from the main official website of

“Lottery pools are cool and are a strategic way to enhance your chances of winning.  But it’s the usual hassles of managing office lottery pools that spoil all the fun. And here comes our new app Pooler. It has been meticulously designed to help to avoid all the typical problems of managing lottery pools. We are lottery pool enthusiasts ourselves and have been working long to find a solution that will chuck out all the complexities of lottery pool management. Pooler is the much awaited app that we all lottery pool players have been waiting for really long”, stated Frank Romero, ardent lottery pool player and one of the co-founders of Pooler.

Unlike regular lottery apps that are mostly online retailers, Pooler is the only app which is not an online retailer. The application is more focused on players as well as the social aspect of playing in pools. Mr. Romero said that they are also aiming to attract young players to lottery pool space with their smartphone interface.

Pooler will help the users to play lottery pool right from their smartphones. There will be a Pool Captain who will purchase the tickets from State authorized retailers, keep the tickets safe, collect as well as distribute the wins. The app will create a legal Lottery Pool Contract before the game draw along with a list of participants and copies of all tickets.

“We know millions of dollars go unclaimed every year by players. We have tried to address this issue with Pooler. Our app will check the prizes automatically and immediately share user’s share in his account. No more losing out on the winning tickets with our app.”


Speaking further, Mr. Romero outlined the unique features of Pooler-


No issues of long lines and no worries of losing out on winning tickets

Users will only need to pay official state ticket price- no issues of additional charges

Will enhance user’s winning chances

100 percent safe and secured


Based in Florida, Pooler can be downloaded from US Apple App Store. Any pool captain will be able to use the app to organize his or her lottery pool. However, if you want to play the pool with real cash then you have to have your physical base in Florida. has plans to extend real-money play service in other States soon.

To download Pooler, please visit or you can send a mail to for inquire.

Media Contact

Frank Romero

(305) 744-5103

P.O. Box 523916, Miami, FL 33152

Miami, FL, USA













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