Florida’s Maura Sweeney Named Women Economic Forum & All Ladies League Woman of the Decade in Personal Leadership


Florida’s Maura Sweeney Named Women Economic Forum & All Ladies League Woman of the Decade in Personal Leadership

At its 2018 annual conference in The Hague, Netherlands, Women Economic Forum (WEF) and All Ladies League (ALL) Global Chairperson Harbeen Arora presented Maura Sweeney of Clearwater, FL with the international organization’s highest award: Women of the Decade in Personal Leadership.

The Women of the Decade award category is conferred every year on leading women with distinguished contributions in various walks of life to include education, enterprise, tech, health, media and business. It is given to very senior women of influence, excellence and distinctive achievements.

WEF and ALL Global Chairperson Harbeen Arora shared this about Sweeney, “Maura’s open-hearted spirit embodies a loving personal leadership that our world needs today. Not only does she lead by her word and works, she leads by true example, rooted in an ethic of service and attitude of respect toward one and ALL, regardless of culture, creed or color. This decade of transformation toward creating a better world will undoubtedly be led by the soul warriors like Maura.”

Florida’s Maura Sweeney Named Women Economic Forum & All Ladies League Woman of the Decade in Personal Leadership

In addition to hosting her Living Happy: Inside Out podcast, penning her Art of Happiness ebook series and authoring an eCourse on The Foundations of Happiness, Maura is an accomplished public speaker on topics of Personal Leadership, Influence and Vision.

Maura not only addresses corporations, universities and women’s leadership groups both in the United States and Europe, but she is also a sought after media guest on podcasts, radio, webinars and television shows where she shares her empowering messages.

Sweeney offered these remarks on receiving the prestigious Women of the Decade Award, “I’m thrilled and honored to receive this international honor. The award recognizes my commitment to advance humanity on a global scale, and it perfectly aligns with the messages I repeatedly share.”

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More about Women Economic Forum (WEF) and ALL Ladies League (ALL)

Women Economic Forum (WEF) is an associate of ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest all-inclusive international women’s chamber and a movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL.

ALL is an international organization with over 70,000+ members and 700 chapters in over 150 countries that offers free membership to women worldwide who wish to make a difference albeit by reference and invitation.

ALL & WEF are the fastest growing global network of women where women are coming together to unleash our collective potential in all walks of life. WEF events foster empowering conversations, connections and collaborations among women entrepreneurs and leaders from ALL walks of life.

WEF is non-religious and non-political and is committed to women’s economic empowerment and also promote global sisterhood that greatly serves women’s social and economic needs.

For more information about Maura, email info@maura4u.com

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