Fondo Network Revolutionizes the Crpto Trading Industry With Its Unique SE-ICO


According to CoinDesk: Cryptocurrency market is growing strongly, at $6.3 billion, ICO funding in the first quarter is now 118 percent of the total for 2017, the demand of being listed on the Cryptocurrency Exchanges to increase the liquidity of the Altcoin is necessary. The seico (secured & ensured ico – ico 3.0) is ico’s most revolutionary breakthrough by the crypto exchange platform; Fondo Network, ensuring the benefits to investors in the face of dramatic market changes.

SEICO is an ICO that combines two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO. While Secured ICO mitigates investment risk, Ensured ICO increases its margins further. Fondo Network Exchange has the lowest transaction fee and listing fee, especially 100% free with Altcoin / FDC trading pairs, 100% free of charge for wallet and creation of Smart Contract for the ICO and Transaction processing rates clocked at over 1.4 million transactions per second.

Fondo Network created Fondo Coin ( Token name: FDC) as a comprehensive solution for value added services regarding Coin liquidation. And traders think Fondocoin is the best because Total supply of FDC releases out to the market will be capped at 100 million Tokens, all the leftover FDC Tokens will be burn after the ICO (if they are not sold in the ICO) and In the first year, deducted up to 40% of profits to buy back FDC then burn all out. With 50% of the FDC is burned down and capitalized at about 2 billion usd similar to KCS and BNB. At this point, you are holding the best opportunity when the starting price of FDC is just $0.2 – $0.4.

Fondo Network is a centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange will allow Investors easy trading of top Cryptocurrency Coin in the safe, fast and cost effective way, access to potential projects still in the ICO phase with the Fondo Network’s ICO Market interface. The Token of the project will be traded right on the Network after the ICO phase. Easy trading, asset management with professional trading interfaces and scientific asset management interface.

Fondo Network’s ICO Market is a channel for fund raising. All functions for the token sale of the project are prepared by their Network. Your job is to use it for fundraising purposes. Tokens after the ICO phase will be officially listed. That will support the token to get instant liquidity and reach out to more investors.

Outstanding features of Fondo Network includes; transaction fee & listing fee, intelligent trading, fast transaction process, multi-currency support, multi-stage wallet, fast deposit & withdrawals unlimited withdrawal limit, easy asset control, multi-language support etc.

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