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Former member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)’s Business Conduct Board has joined Befund Advisory Board

Former member of Financial Industry Regulatory

With its unique advantages in blockchain technology, Befund is continuously attracting global strategic leaders and financial elites to join onboard. Befund’s most recent addition, Mr. Donald B. Clanton, former member of FINRA’ Business Conduct Board, has announced his participation in the Befund Global Advisory Board.

With nearly 50 years of experience in investment banking, securities and mutual funds industry, Mr. Donald has served as President of the Memphis Investment Bankers Association and was a member of Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Business Conduct Board. He previously served on the Board of Directors and President of Evolve Bank & Trust’s SBA Division, COO of Duncan-Williams, a private investment bank and Executive Vice President of Capital Markets. Before joining Duncan-Williams, Don was President of Commerce Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of National Bank of Commerce. His previous management position also includes Head of Union Planters Investment Bankers Group, which under Don’s leadership grew into one of the Southeast’s leading brokerage and investment banks. Mr. Donald has abundant contacts and vast experience includes commerce banking, funding, securities, investment banking, SBA, and mortgage banking.

About Mr. Donald’s participation, the COO of Befund, Chris said: “Don was my immediate boss when I worked in the Investment bank in the US. I really admire his working experience, execution, management skills and Professionalism. It is our honor to get Don’s recognition and participation. The vision of Befund is based on decentralized blockchain, which builds up a crypto-currency fund service platform. Building up from LP (Funding Investor) → GP (Funding Investee) → Blockchain projects → LP (Funding Investor), as a whole completed ecosystem. Under this vision, the cooperation between LP and GP, GP and funding projects, including establishment, investment, management, operation, legal affairs and trading of crypto-currency funds, based on smart contact, should have experienced elite professionals for financial, project, legal and other aspects of matching and connecting. Based on this point, the participation of Mr. Donald, who has vast experience in finance and investment banking and abundant contacts in the US, will inevitably provide strong support for the rapid establishment and healthy operation of Befund’s entire ecosystem.

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