Funmodity Announces SPECTA, The 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen and Fidget Ball Combo


Funmodity Announces SPECTA, The 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen and Fidget Ball Combo

Funmodity today launched the Kickstarter campaign for SPECTA, The Premium Machined Pen and Fidget Ball. SPECTA isn’t your ordinary pen, nor your ordinary stress relief tool. It’s the world’s first combination of a high-end, machined EDC pen and an aluminum fidget device, designed to provide a 12-in-1 solution that makes everyday tasks exciting and much less stressful.

SPECTA was created to provide a high-quality, robust tool that lets you fidget while still serving a useful purpose. People like to fidget; fidgeting relieves stress from work, school and everyday life, and it’s fun. But while many fidget devices offer great features for releasing energy, most of them are made of plastic, which is flimsy and relegates them to being perceived as a toy. SPECTA seeks to change that, by creating a high-quality, serious tool for both fidgeting and work.  

Funmodity Announces SPECTA, The 12-in-1 Premium Machined Pen and Fidget Ball Combo

The SPECTA Pen is a premium EDC pen, sleekly machined of aluminum alloy that reimagines fidgeting with a pen altogether. Its nearly silent operation is discreet, letting you fidget without distracting those around you, and the hefty aluminum build feels rewarding and reassuring in your hand. It performs like a premium writing instrument should, with a ballpoint cartridge that writes and sketches with silky smooth precision. Concealed within the cap is a stylus, ready for smudge-free use on touchscreen device, and a stainless-steel clip secures the pen inside your pocket and prevents it from rolling off the table.  

The fun doesn’t stop there. The SPECTA Ball is a hybrid pen stand and fidget device with 9 unique functions. Like the SPECTA Pen, its durable, spherical unibody is milled from a single block of aluminum, and every inch serves a function. There’s a turning top-ring bezel, as well as a retractable bottle opener that lets you fidget by flicking it open like a knife. There’s also an integrated spring-loaded silent button for fidgeting, two spinners that can spin together or independently, and a soft touch silicone knob to rub against. Inserting a ¼” hex bit into the ball transforms it into a screw driver for everyday tasks. Finally, the ball serves as stand for proudly displaying the SPECTA Pen.




“I want to create an entire of premium metal tools that provide productivity and relief stress at the same time,” says Funmodity founder and SPECTA creator Shin Feng, “and the SPECTA Pen and Fidget Ball is just the first piece in that set. It’s a big first step, and we’re excited to launch SPECTA and share it with the Kickstarter community.”

SPECTA is now available on Kickstarter with Early Bird specials starting at $50.

To learn more, visit or check it out on Kickstarter.



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