GDPR Compliance Consultants MakeIT Compliant Launch Firm in Time for Companies to Meet May 25th Cut Off Date


The idea of not being GDPR compliant can cause a great deal of stress. GDPR audit experts MakeIT compliant can effectively solve that problem.

No company wants to face GDPR fines. With the cut off date of March 25, 2018 quickly approaching, rather than attempting to meet the complicated European regulations, which vary from company-to-company, the recommendation is to bring in GDPR audit professionals. Recently launched GDPR Compliance Consultants MakeIT Compliant are ready and waiting to meet these needs, accurately and at attractive price-points. The enthusiasm surrounding the quality of their services is quite high.

“We make it clear that our GDPR compliance consultants don’t just come to a company with a GDPR compliance check-list and tick off the boxes,” commented a spokesperson from the firm. “In 2018, this is not a safe or sound procedure. Every company needs to looked at individually and have their GDP audit done considering their unique perspective to be sure to avoid any GDP fines. That’s the reality of today’s regulations.”

According to MakeIT Compliant, their mission is both to make companies they work with meet their legal needs and to be sure they are protected from any data breaches, from the best data protection practices available today. The GDPR experts have worked, successfully, with companies in a wide-range of markets, stretching across the European world, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. On average each of the professionals on MakeIT Compliant team have over a decade of experience. Being a boutique firm gives them the capability of being able to focus on each client with care and precision.

Early feedback for their services have been completely positive.

John R., from London, said in a five-star review, “Working with GDPR compliance consultants MakeIT Compliant was a pleasure and it certainly met our budget. We didn’t experience any issues and it removed a great deal of pressure from our team. Fully recommended.”

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Our goal is simple – we want to help your business to become GDPR compliant quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively. We believe that all businesses small and large should have access to the best data protection available so as to mitigate any risk of non-compliance and breaches in data.


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