Geospatial data operations are now easy while you scrape the data with Diggernaut


Lately, Diggernaut LLC implemented geospatial data functionality and now their users can do geocoding, reverse geocoding, work with OSM relations while scraping the data from the web.


Company Diggernaut LLC, which provides automated services for the web data extraction, collection and, processing, has added a bunch of integrations with OSM API  and other geospatial functionality to their platform. It opens new abilities for their users and let them process geospatial data during the data extraction process.

Integrated OSM APIs (Overpass and Nominatim) allows users to work with relations, search them, extract meta information, geocode address to geospatial coordinates and do reverse geocoding. There is also function to export any OSM relation to WKT, which let a user get shapes of relations, import them to the database and work with them with PostGIS. It works properly with inner rings when building multipolygon WKT, and it differentiates it from most free tools available online. Relation should have at least one outer ring to be converted to the multipolygon WKT.

It’s now possible to work with postal addresses. If you need to parse address to parts or simply normalize postal address, a user can just use a special geospatial command in his scraper code. This functionality is build using LibPostal – statistical NLP library that uses pre-trained models with data from OSM, OpenAddresses, and other sources. It can work with addresses in most countries in the world.

“Almost all our users work with geospatial data when they extract data from the web. Some of them don’t need just raw data but need somehow to process it. One of most used cases is when a user gets postal address of property as single text blob and need to split it to the street, city, state, zip. Before they had to use either not always a reliable way of splitting address by delimiter or use external tools to process the data. Another case when user scrapes the address but also need to get latitude and longitude of the place. Before he needs to build additional request to some external geocoding facility (Google or OSM). Now all these things were extremely simplified. Users don’t need anymore to use any external tools or additional processing to solve their tasks. They can just use our geospatial functions within their scrapers”  – said David Kostyshock, COO of Diggernaut LLC.


If you want to read more about new integrations, you can check the company blog.

About Diggernaut LLC

Diggernaut LLC was founded in 2016. The main goal of the company is to provide easy-to-learn and convenient tools for automated data collection and processing, which even non-techs could use. Headquartered in High Ridge, MO.

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