Get an organic mattress without killing a budget


Get an organic mattress without killing a budget

Organic mattresses are very popular now and for good reason. But many people think a quality organic mattress is simply out of their price range.

No so, says Richard Shin, owner of the Mattress Stop in LA.

“A lot of mattress shops really hike the price on their mattresses, especially the organic ones because people think they have to pay a premium for the organic label. That’s just not the case,” he said. “An organic mattress has a set cost to manufacture. A mattress store does have to make a profit, but not a budget-busting profit.”

So why do other stores charge such high prices for organic mattresses?

“Do understand that latex and all-organic fabric mattress are going to cost more. That’s the nature of the production. It just costs more to get organic cotton and organic wool,” he said. “So yes, you will pay more for a latex mattress than you’ll pay for an innerspring mattress.”

A report on Fox News about the organic product industry explained it this way, “Not only are organic farms typically smaller than conventional ones, but they also, on average, take more time to produce crops because they refrain from using the chemicals and growth hormones used by conventional farmers.”

Also, conventional crops often receive some sort of government subsidy or price support. The affects the price of whatever is produced. Organic farms may be eligible for these government programs too, but that does not change the costs associated with production, Mr. Shin said.

“So yes, you will pay a bit more for organic. But you should not pay a huge amount more,” he said.

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