Get to Know Lamont Patterson, the CEO and Founder of World Movements Records

September 19, 2015 – Lamont Patterson is a US-born and based artist, singer, producer, and director. Over the past two and one-half decades, he has worked to promote new and upcoming sounds of the newer developing artists, thereby transforming the music industry.

With decades of experience and a resume that includes multi-platinum records, Lamont Patterson is truly “moving the world with music and leaving a legacy for future generations”. His credits include having worked with the likes of Grammy Winners- Aaron Neville, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Ike Turner and Tina Turner, in collaborative projects.

“Within this space I’ve tried to create a Company Sound much like Motown, or Philly International. We wanted W.M.R to be a full service Entertainment Company not Genre specific we wanted to just Produce quality entertainment for the World, Hopefully with our Music, Events, Books, Radio Show’s others two will see my vision,” said Lamont Patterson, CEO, World Movements Records.

WMR became the place where artist could be who they truly were. Artist thrived under Lamont’s direction leading to Platinum Records for Ghetto Hippie and Bobby Caldwell and a Gold Album for Jeffery Osborne, Prince, and Morris Day for Warner Bros.

Lamont continues to educate, develop, promote and encourage the youth of today and those with a serious desire to display their talent through his live broadcast that can be heard bi-weekly by tuning into and calling 1(347) 308-8747. Anyone interested in joining the conversation on can call 1(646) 929-2870.  They will be able to embrace knowledge from all areas, which include topics directed to the music, film, sports, entertainment industry, politics and social issues.


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