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Quality, fit, and style. Three factors that are absolutely necessary in choosing your perfect dress. But how often does a plus size woman truly feel satisfied with their search for this fashionable illusive “one?”

We all feel the rush of excitement when we get that wedding invitation in the mail or the reminder for our best friend’s cocktail party. We mark our calendars and feeling hopeful, head out to a boutique and look for that flawless dress to add to our closet. But to our misfortune, we run into stores that don’t carry our size, or find that the gown that looked amazing on the mannequin, doesn’t look as flattering on our curvy bodies. It’s a discouraging feeling to live in a “size inclusive” world, and not be able to have that moment where your eyes glimmer at the site of your reflection. That moment when the way a dress compliments your body shape washes away your insecurities and you feel like a completely different woman than the one who first walked into that dressing room. An elegant, stunning, confident, woman stepped out, and all because of a high end, true to form, beautiful dress.

Sika Collection has only one message for the frustrated plus size woman: We have heard you and we are here.

This past Saturday, March 10, 2018, Sika Collection hosted their first showroom of the season. Guests had the chance to see the luxury line in person, sip on champagne, and chat with Sika Collection designer, Sylvia Zeldin. While getting personal styling tips from the designer, guests also got to try on these breathtaking designs and feel for themselves the personal touches and quality work that went into their creation.

When each woman came out of that dressing room, there it was, that radiant glimmer that we all hope for. Whether someone went for the edgy leather Sasha dress and felt like a rockstar, or slipped on the enchanting Charlotte dress and couldn’t stop saying they looked like a princess- everyone was floored by the way each dress fit.

Each dress feels as though the luxurious fabric was tailored to celebrate all of your curves. Everything from the sleeves to the subtle but essential accents, were designed to showcase your full figure and bring out your poise and timeless beauty. Some women were pleasantly surprised at how a dress they would’ve never chosen, actually fit like it was made especially for them.

A room full of dazzling plus size women wearing elegant designs, smiling non-stop at their reflection. Now that was a scene that was truly breathtaking.

Imagine a world where a combination of quality and plus size is no longer out of the ordinary. Imagine being able to carry yourself with pride through every high end boutique because you know that there will be something gorgeous for you try on. What if there came a day, when every full figured woman didn’t have to feel disappointed in a dressing room when the display dress of their dreams turned out to be nothing of the sort. Sika Collection is tired of the “what ifs” and is here to help turn the imaginary world where plus size women are catered to into a reality.

From prom to your wedding day, it’s frustrating to try on these gowns that were not meant for women with curves. Sika Collection has created a line to fulfill your dreams of that perfect dress. Because we sincerely believe that if you give a girl the right dress, she can conquer the world.

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Sika Collection is a style icon that embraces effortless chic, brand that speaks to a modern woman- embracing her curves and exposing femininity with elegant ease. Sika Collection is a size inclusive luxury dress line for women, started by an industry designer Sylvia Zeldin.



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