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The Volt Fitness physical therapy program aims to help children between the ages of 3-13 who struggle with Coordination.

A one of a kind physical therapy program for children (ages 3-13) has been launched by Volt Fitness to help those that struggle with Coordination. The program changes children’s lives by allowing them to improve their Coordination which will have a great bearing on their future.

Volt Fitness (, located at 566 Broad Street, Glen Rock, New Jersey, has put a unique spin on pediatric physical therapy where they combine teaching motor skills in a Fun and welcoming environment. Coordination issues usually cause problems for a child socially and in sports. It often results in a poor self image and a lack of self confidence.

This Fun physical therapy program ( will help a child in many areas such as:

• Jumping

• Catching and throwing

• Kicking

• Balance and learn to ride a bike

• Climbing

• Proper running technique

• Doing push-ups

• Hand-to-eye coordination

• Multi-task activities

Parents who have enrolled their children in the program have seen noticeable improvement in their child’s coordination, mental and physical ability, as well as their confidence. Some parents have also mentioned how their child now looks forward to school and feels more motivated towards their academic and gym classes.

Children who attend the Coordination Program almost always think of it as a place to have Fun with new friends. The parents, on the other hand, can see how the child is benefiting on a daily basis. The children who attend the course feel more motivated and focused.

For more information on the Coordination Program and to see how it is changing kids lives,

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Notes to the editor

A child who struggles with coordination often struggle with many different types of physical activity which can include riding a bike, sports or just playing with their friends. Improving coordination issues can really change the outlook of a child’s life.

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