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Global Warming Film Crew of KISS THE GROUND Flees Thomas Fire

In the midst of editing the final cut of a new film on global warming the entire crew of “Kiss the Ground” was forced to rip out its studio and flee through the conflagration in Ventura County, and the Thomas Fire, the biggest of the six fires currently raging in Southern California today.

“Our ranch was in the crosshairs of the Thomas Fire,” says Rebecca Harrell Tickell, Co-director and producer. “There was only one road out in bumper to bumper traffic and the flames were in front of us.”  See the stunning footage.

One of the shocking and now ironic truths revealed in Josh Tickell’s recently released bestselling book, “KISS THE GROUND: How the Food You Eat Can Reverse Climate Change, Heal Your Body & Ultimately Save Our World”, is the fact that, “While heat waves, droughts and larger hurricanes are usually attributed to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, these patterns are increasingly due to the disturbance of the small water cycle in which plants and soil maintain the balance of water and temperature.”

“KISS THE GROUND shines a beacon of light on the growing global ‘regenerative agriculture’ movement, illuminating a new path toward carbon sequestration and hopefully, a path toward a balanced climate. With clear, accessible language, wit and humor, this book gives readers powerful tools to overcome humanity’s greatest challenge.” —Terry Tamminen, Former Secretary of the California EPA CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

The book also teaches how to eat for anti-aging. The “Regenerative Diet” is a way to eat that keeps you young, like 40+ year-old Tom Brady and his youthful wife, Gisele Bundchen who have cameo appearances in the movie KTG

Rebecca adds that she, her husband, author/co-director Josh Tickell and their editor and co-producer Darius fled, “after ripping out our complex editing system to save the film and evacuate Ojai as flames approached our home.”

“The film and book show how we can reverse climate change and save billions of climate refugees,” Josh adds. “Even though some of our team lost their homes while we work throughout this stranger-than-fiction reality, we couldn’t let the fire stop us from submitting this important film for consideration by the Tribeca Film Festival. We’ve got dogs, cats, goldfish, babies and the few items we grabbed as we fled.”  

​The Kiss the Ground film team has been given a stunning place to set up camp and they have converted it into a makeshift production studio. “It is beyond surreal,” said Josh. “In the midst of it all, I flew to Hawaii (and returned 24 hours later) to record Woody Harrelson’s narration for the movie that we are editing as we speak.”

The irony of working around the clock to finish the film to submit to Tribeca that shows how to prevent over 1 billion climate refugees, while being displaced by climatic events as we edit is not lost on us,” said Rebecca Tickell.

Josh Tickell is an acclaimed journalist and Sundance award winning film director. He interviews celebrity chefs, ranchers, farmers, and top soil scientists. With cutting-edge science, this book gives readers a power they’ve never had – the power to reverse global warming, create clean, healthy, abundant food and get rid of the poisonous chemicals that are harming our children and pets, all while rebuilding our most precious resource: the very ground that feeds us. 

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Company Name: KISS THE GROUND ​

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​Imal Wagner​

Phone: 301 325 4085
State: CA​

Country: United States



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