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A public speaking training course has been credited in helping women in Greater Detroit to transform their lives. Not only does the course help women to stand up in front of an audience, it also helps women to have the confidence in the workplace, including business meetings, staff meetings, and contract meetings.

Women in Greater Detroit are improving their confidence and public speaking abilities thanks to Kim Boudreau Smith and WomanSpeak. The dedicated public speaking training course is helping women to overcome the fear of public speaking, while at the same time empowering them.

The public speaking training has gained huge exposure in helping women to transform their confidence and provide them with the ability to speak in front of a large audience. However, that is not the only reason the Greater Detroit public speaking training course has been described as one of the best in the country.

The course allows women to dig deep inside themselves and overcome the negatives in their life. By attending the course, a new world opens up, allowing those who are too afraid to share their voice to find their inner confidence and become a leader.

Kim Boudreau Smith from WomanSpeak ( ) explained more about the course:

“Public speaking anxiety has become a huge problem. We want to help those women who want to have a voice and have the confidence to speak out either within a business meeting, sharing their ideas, or in front of a large audience.”

The Public Speaking Course for women provides the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be an effective public speaker. By taking the course, women will learn how to put themselves in the right mind-set to give a presentation. They will also learn how to prepare and deliver talks and how to keep the entice the audience.

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Kim Boudreau Smith is not only a cheerleader for high achieving women who want to manage having it all, she is a multi-media maven that can assist them in showing up bigger on a multitude of platforms.


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WomanSpeak is on a mission to support women and girls in feeling free to own the value of their ideas and perspectives, and to share them authentically and confidently.