Gripped Fitness Audio Company, Puts Fitness Fans on the Road to a Successful Workout with its Best Selling ‘Equalizers V.3 Headphones’


Music is a powerful thing, it unites people, inspires and energizesour body and spirit, it enriches any space it fills, and in doing so brings out thebest in us. The sound of music with Gripped headphones is good for the soul when it comes to hitting the gym. There’s nothing like a littleKendrick Lamar to get you in the zone on the way to the gym, thereby increasing your work rate, and at same time giving you that extra motivation your body needs.

In buying a new set of headphones, we look for several things such as sound quality, style, functionality and durability. Unfortunately this often leaves you looking at a price tag that makes you cringe, we wanted to change that and so… Gripped Fitness Audio was born.

The powerful Gripped Fitness Audio Equalizers V.3 has a well-designed aesthetically pleasing exterior and internal components that deliver crisp highs, clear mids and deep lows that you can feel.

The amazing Gripped headphones are fully packed awesome features like –

  • Fully installed V4.2 bluetooth receivers to ensure high end audio while maintaining stability and range.
  • Installed dual microphones to enable you to make and receive calls directly through our headphones when synced with your phone.
  • Wireless, also can be used with a cable which is provided with the unit when purchased.
  • Sweat resistant which makes it easy and friendly to use during those vigorous training sections.
  • Adjustable to any length of your choice.

Gripped Fitness Audio’s Mission

To be recognized as the leading Bluetooth wireless gym headphones in the market by creating quality sound that connects culture & builds community with affordable and stylish headphones.

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