H.E Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Musallem bin Ham is first Arab to win the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal


The Gandhi Global Family (GGF), an organization affiliated to the United Nations, awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal of Humanity to H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Musallem bin Ham Al Ameri

The medal is one of the most important accolades awarded by Peace NGO GGF, and is the second highest award conferred by them, amongst the Mahatama Gandhi Awards, the Brand Ambassador Award and the Gandhi Doot medal.

Over the years, the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal has been awarded to influential figures in the fields of human service and community development, including former US President Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, former Indian President Shri Narayanan and Indian National Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

 H.E. Dr. bin Ham was presented the medal in Geneva, Switzerland, by the Vice President of the Gandhi Global Family, S. P. Varma, and in the presence of members of the Executive Committee of the GGF.

“Given H.E. Dr. bin Ham’s concrete efforts to combat malnutrition and hunger in the world and his role in community development and support for world peace, the Mahatma Gandhi Executive Committee unanimously decided to award him the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal for Humanity,” said Varma.

On explaining the significance of the award, the GGF Vice President further added, “This prestigious award is not only important because its name is associated with Mahatma Gandhi and his humanitarian values, but is an award given after examination and scrutiny of influential human figures with concrete efforts.”

H.E. Dr. bin Ham’s remarkable efforts have the fight against malnutrition, not just in the Arab states, but globally as well. He has been an active part of initiatives such as the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Free Distribution of Spirulina in Kenya, since its establishment in 2009.

As a former member of the Federal National Council, H.E. has driven remarkable development in the areas of youth, health and education in the UAE.

His all-round contribution to the UAE and his work with IIMSAM remain exceedingly important. H.E. Dr. bin Ham focuses on fighting hunger and poverty around the world, he also continues to encourage global development towards a better quality of life amongst the impoverished through a variety of global initiatives. 

 H.E. Dr. bin Ham expressed great happiness in winning this high medal, stressing that it holds even more significance as it comes to the UAE in 2018, the year that has been marked by the nation as ‘The Year of Zayed’.

“We remain grateful and dedicated to our visionary leader Sheikh Zayed, and it is from him that we have learnt the values ​​of humanitarian contribution”, said H.E. Dr. bin Ham.

H.E. also added about the UAE, “Humanitarian contribution and its significance is what every Emirati is learning from our wise leadership. That is what has helped to put the UAE on the top of the world’s humanitarian relief and humanitarian aid list.”  

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