Haluch Racing Secures Another Ultra4 UTV Win!


Debuts new Pro ArmorÒ / MRT Race Series tires to outpace and outperform!


Huntington Beach, CA. Prairie du Chien WI – The recent Ultra4 “Battle in the Bluegrass” in Bedford KY, presented drivers with a race course of extreme conditions. So extreme that only one team was able to finish the full 6 laps of the UTV course. Haluch Racing, part of the MRT racer program, won the race using the 32” Crawler XR Kevlar tires from the new Pro Armor / MRT Race Series Line– a contributing factor for the win due to their quality and performance!

Unlike most off-road races, dust was not a factor, instead drivers were faced with severe thunderstorms and torrential downpours that turned the thick Kentucky clay into a slick sloppy mess. The race started out on the Dirty Turtles famous short course before heading into the woods. There, racers would face creek beds and tight wood sections, along with the massive steep hill climbs that area is known for. Sean Haluch, along with co-driver Mark Shea, started 5th and passed cars on the first set of climbs finishing lap 1 in 3rd place. By lap 3, they had a strong lead and kept the hammer down. The new Pro Armor / MRT Race Series tires proving they are not only a dominating tire in the rocks and desert, but in the deep southern mud as well. Battling through some seriously deep mud holes and greasy climbs, they not only held their position, but put a lap on the entire field. Sean and Mark were the only team able to complete the full 6 laps in this wet and wild race. This is the second victory for Sean Haluch Racing in the Ultra4 Racing East Coast Series this year, showing their incredible ability to run fast in the tight and technical woods style racing, and the Pro Armor / MRT Race Series tires ability to handle every bit of it.

This race marked the introduction of the new Pro Armor / MRT Race Series tires line. These tires are built using triple belt Kevlar, new QUAD belt Kevlar, Apex Bead Grip and sticky tread compound, which results in anti-puncture performance and durability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and the toughest terrains. These tires were a contributing factor to this winning scenario with their Kevlar Armor Belt tires that have proved their anti-puncture quality by standing up to extreme racing terrain and weather conditions. This quality allows the drivers the confidence to tackle tough terrains and weather conditions.  The Crawler XR is the first to launch in this series, with more planned to follow! 

 “We are so proud of Haluch Racing Team and their continued wins! And we are excited about the performance of the new Pro Amor / MRT Race Series tire line.  Our motto ‘Quality When You Need It’ is proven again and again on courses like the Ultra4. We achieve excellence by testing, failure analysis and continuous innovation. These tires pass the strictest of tests and scrutiny before they are released. It’s this focus that allows drivers to race with confidence. We also accredit the Kevlar Armor Belt as the strongest best traction UTV tires on the market.  And our continued innovation ensures our tires are always able to succeed through the toughest challenges” according to Mark Thornburg, president MRT.


About MRT:

MRT, MotoRaceTire.com, is the leader in delivering the highest quality and most innovative tires on the market today. The Pro Amor / MRT Race Series tires, are created by working closely with race teams and mechanical CAD aided testing, MRT continuously develops new leading tire technology including the first and only Kevlar Race Tire using Kevlar Armor Belt. These tires are lightweight and designed to provide run flat protection combined with strength and speed on the track. MRT Kevlar Armor Belt quality is designed and built to outlast the competition. Guaranteed and backed by MRT’s Continuous Improvement Warranty program.

MRT teams test in ALL race conditions, and tires components are modified based on driver’s feedback and tire performance. This attention to detail and drive for continuous improvement is why MRT provides the best race tire now and will continue to provide the best tire for all race and riding conditions.
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