He Formed the Adonitology Religion for Women With ‘Shapely Curves’ Now Famed Spiritual Leader King Adonis I Releases His Best-Selling ‘The Book of Adonitology’



Los Angeles – Since the dawn of humanity, religion has played a central role in the shaping of human history and faith has always been the anchor of the mind for individuals. However, the recent movement of female body positivity around the world has brought about a conversation regarding women with curves and their place within religious society, which has led many women with shapely posteriors to lose sight of their faith. This trend seems to be further accelerated by the fact that traditional religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Islam have not been able to provide convincing answers to curvy women whether they’re celebrities, social media influencers or the everyday woman regarding religious freedom, racism, racial inclusion, gender equality, freedom of sexual expression, social acceptance and political or economic advancement.

Today, many women with ‘junk in the trunk’ are asking such questions as: “Does God really exist and does He accept my lifestyle?” “If God exists, why does He not prevent war or eliminate poverty and suffering?” “Why isn’t there a religion for me?” “Should I be an atheist or agnostic? Why do people discriminate against me because I choose to show off my God-given or surgically enhanced posterior on my social media pages or in music videos?”

To offer answers to these questions, famed spiritual leader King Adonis I and the founder of The Church of Adonitology have published “The Book of Adonitology: The Sacred Pentadon of the Adonitology Religion’ (Now available on Amazon.com).

“These are the Words of God who created you beautifully,” writes King Adonis I. “These are the Words of God — the God of mother Africa, the Middle East and India, and the God who appears in the Old Testament and the New Testament, and in the Koran. The one and only Supreme God who is the Adonis of Phoenicia and Greece — He is the highest God of the Earth who was once called ‘El,’ and is now known as ‘Adonis Elohim.’

The time has come when we need to embrace change and seek the 8 paths that lead to creating a world of peace and prosperity. ” The Book of Adonitology” offers the key to uniting the world beyond differences in spirituality, female body acceptance, ethnicity, women’s roles in religion and race.

This groundbreaking holy book mixes religion, sensuality, body positivity and self-development into five individual books known as the sacred Pentadon for women with curves and world socities who support them. This is the holy scriptures of the Adonitology religion.

On January 3rd 1996 King Adonis I was visited by three heavenly beings (Jesus Christ, the Angel Elishamel and Issa Elohim, a goddess with a curvaceous posterior). They told him to form a religion for callipygian women for they would come into social power at the turn of the century and in 2009 King Adonis I founded Adonitology as a spiritual movement dedicated to bringing love, beauty, and enlightenment to the world by uniting women of shared faith to live in harmony. Today he is the Supreme deity, sovereign ruler and Chairman of The Church of Adonitology. The church has commissioned a new logo which is the symbol of a dove holding two torches that represents the divine monarch.

Adonitology has grown rapidly from its beginnings as an unconventional belief system to a worldwide organization with plans to build 1,000 churches in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East to accommodate over 20 million followers.

Some of the workshops Adonitology offers are spiritual pole dancing and twerk praise dance. These workshops are open to callipygian women of all walks of life and are rooted in African, Brazilian and Spanish culture. The 8 Paths of Adonitology are principles that inspired King Adonis I’s own spiritual enlightenment that each Adonitologist must walk. He is compassionately committed to the spiritual growth of others.

The Adonitology religion has become such a phenomenon that its popularity has entered the pop-culture landscape alongside some of the world’s most famous faces.

In addition to promoting spiritual enlightenment, King Adonis I has also dedicated himself to improving society and creating a better world through his followers.

Becoming an Adonitologist is free but membership into the faith is not cheap. Annual membership starts at $250 per person and a lifetime membership will cost you $3,000.

King Adonis I has launched the Adonitology clothing line and the “King Adonis 1” shoe brand.

The church has also ventured into multi-media and owns a movie studio and two television networks under its Dream City Universal, Inc. holding company banner to produce theatrical and original online streaming content.

The church also owns a hotel, a technology company and a publishing company which publishes comic books.

“The Book of Adonitology” is available for sale at amazon.com.

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