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Like a lead blanket, racism lays across, around and under every place you seek to express yourself in the United States and beyond. Authors of Race: Are We So Different write: “We live in a society saturated with race… Racial thinking has infiltrated and now influences in some way or another everyone’s experience of health, education, romance, friendship, work, religion, politics — virtually every arena and aspect of our lives. These influences can be painfully obvious or virtually imperceptible, but they are ever present.” Because racism is largely unconscious, and occurs outside the awareness of those who demonstrate racist valuing, thinking, speaking and acting, it is difficult to impossible to engage in an authentic discussion about race and racism. Most social scientists and neuroscientists would embrace the studies that have shown that approximately 15% to 20% of Americans are explicitly racist; 60% are easily vulnerable to racism, depending on the triggers and context; and approximately 20% of Americans claim to be egalitarian. Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, one of the founders of the Implicit Association Test, suggests in her book Blindspot that 40% of those who claim to be egalitarian prove to be implicitly biased after taking the test. Clearly, it is beyond difficult to find a social space under an American sun wherein race and racism are minimized or non-existent.

The consequences of race and racism are quite grave. They are highly detrimental to our health, the primary hindrance to social harmony, and a hidden burden on the economic vitality and economic growth of our nation. Race and racism first divides and prioritizes humans of different ethnicities, then pits these groups against each other. This strategy hinders the political process and encourages vulnerable groups to not vote or vote against their own interests and in alignment with the investor elite. The political confusion facilitates the strategies of income inequality, leading to a negative pay equity gap of marginalized human groups lowering their annual incomes by almost $2 trillion per year. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation indicates the correction of this pay disparity will produce $180 billion in additional corporate profits, $290 billion in additional federal tax revenues, and reduction in the federal deficit of $350 billion. These disparities will increase as our current demographic changes continue to advance. In ten years or so, if disparities continue uncorrected, GDP will be diminished by approximately $5 trillion per year. Race and racism typically lead to low-grade, unconscious stress which leads to low-grade, unconscious depression that create vulnerabilities to illness that often goes undiagnosed and ultimately premature demise.

Ten years ago, when I began to inquire of my friends and relatives how we might develop strategies to bring racism to an end, some laughed in my face. Others looked at me as if I had entered the crazy zone, and others simply smirked and turned their heads. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy a space wherein racism does not exist. Such a space is available to you, provided you are willing to make authentic movement towards realizing the optimal human valuing and character potential that is already within you.

If you are a parent, grandparent, educator or someone seeking to advance in your humanity, The Optimal Human Global Community and our class, HeartTransformed: Ending Racism, are designed especially for you. Unconscious attachment to and unconscious identification with race and racism produces many negative health effects that compromise your well being and shorten your life. We are learning from the new science of epigenetics that these negative health outcomes can be passed down for four generations.

HeartTransformed: Ending Racism is an eye-opening journey that will change your life and how you experience the world. Our next in-person weekend workshop begins May 4, 2018 at 9:00 am and concludes at 12:00 Noon on May 6, 2018, in Raleigh, NC. Registration is $497.00. Enter discount code HEART for 25% Off. The online class is available for six consecutive Tuesdays or Thursdays, May 1, 2018,  7:00 – 8:15 pm EDT, or the same timing beginning May 3, 2018, with a registration fee of $397.00. Enter discount code TRANSFORMED for 25% Off.

Sign up now at http://HeartTransformed.org or call Rich Shealey, Chief Servant at 919-699-7047.

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Race and racism are extraordinarily corrosive horrors that have endured every challenge since 1660. No law, no religion, no movement, no governmental intervention and no social pressure has been able to minimize or end its influence and control of our society. The Civil Rights Movement forced race and racism out of our conscious minds into our unconscious. Again, racism did not die and it lost no vitality. With the election of our 45th President, racism is breaking out here, there and everywhere. The time has come for race and racism to be dispatched to our history books. You can be a part of this honoring of God and the Universe. Go now to http://heartTransformed.org and register for the class of your choice. This class is likely to change your perspective on life. All inputs will be valued and honored. Get all of your questions answered, with love and care, understanding and forgiveness. You will be provided with a solution and system to end racism in your life, and you will be equipped to share with your children and family to break the cycle that has hurt and damaged so many.


The HeartTransformed: Ending Racism Classes are distilled from the HeartTransformed: Ending Racism book, which is to be published in 2018. Author Richard W. Shealey is an ordained Christian Pastor, retired C-Suite Executive and the Founder and Chief Servant of The Optimal Human Global Community (TOH). TOH is a “safe zone”, free of race, racism, gender disparity, honoring of gender preferences and other expressions of the human experience.  Joining TOH is free, subject to your signing a covenant with your fellow humans to honor others as you honor yourself and that your purpose in membership is to honor and pursue your greatness, while simultaneously honoring the greatness in other members.

Additional information is available on the HeartTransfomed website or LinkedIn.com

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