Hosting.Co.UK Now Offers An Affordable Website Monitoring Service

Hosting.Co.UK Now Offers An Affordable Website Monitoring Service

Hosting.Co.UK Now Offers An Affordable Website Monitoring Service

Web Performance Monitoring is the practice of analyzing and monitoring websites to make sure they display the most important content as quickly as possible, load their pages at consistent speeds, and don’t suffer unexpected downtimes.

Hosting.Co.UK is pleased to announce they are now offering a web performance monitoring service for websites. is an important tool for those looking to improve the user experience and increase website traffic and performance.

The UK hosting company who has become a market leader as yet again shown why they are one of the best hosting companies in Europe with their new service. The Web performance service is a vital tool for website owners and businesses who rely on visitors for increased sales.

Although SEO is an important tool, website performance monitoring is just as important. Website monitoring and SEO work hand-in-hand to help website owners increase traffic, revenue and website ranking.

A spokesman for explained: “It’s important for a website to load quickly. If a website takes three seconds or more to load then according to research, 40 percent of visitors will leave the site before it has loaded. That means potential customers could leave the website and visit a competitors site which would result in the loss of important revenue. Our website monitoring service can help to stop that and increase profits.”

The web monitoring service is being used by SEO professionals to help safeguard their client’s online reputation. SEO professionals will then charge their clients a large fee for something that website owners can do themselves by purchasing the service direct from for a lot less. solution provides website owners with all the tools they need to increase website ranking, traffic, and brand awareness. Through using the service, site owners can see how much traffic they are receiving, where that traffic is coming from, which articles, pages, and products are being viewed the most, and how quickly the site is loading. There are many other important tools available in the package to help improve a site performance.

To learn more about and to see how the new website monitoring service can help improve a websites performance, please visit


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