HouseValueStore.Com Found New Ways to Determine the Property’s Value


HouseValueStore.Com Found New Ways to Determine the Property’s Value

Westlake Village, CA – June 11, 2018 – Do you know the worth of your home? Well, the value of a property depends on particular factors. Basically, a home can be either worth whatever somebody will pay for it or depends on the market and if you are asking an agent, county tax assessor or a lender.

Knowing the ways on how to find the value of your home with the help of trained professionals and online tools better prepares you to sell, buy, refinance or negotiate low property taxes.

Below are the different ways of home valuation:

  • Get Competitive Market Analysis or Broker Price Opinion

When you are ready to dive deeper into home valuation, you may ask a real estate agent in a local area for broker price opinion. Even if not as detailed as professional appraisal, the broker price opinion basically combines the agent’s home valuation and market to give a value, which is usually for listing purposes. Competitive market analysis, on the other hand, includes the estimated value of an agent, yet depends more heavily on recent sale value of the same properties in your neighborhood. The real estate agents in your local area may give competitive market analysis or broker price opinion for an affordable cost. However, you have to be careful for the reason that they might do so with the thought of being hired as a selling agent.

  • Take Advantage of Online Valuation Tools

Once you search about how much your house worth, the online world will reveal you lots of home valuation tools. The term for such tools is AVM or automated valuation model and they are usually offered by real estate sites or lenders. Using some public records such as tax assessments, deeds of ownership, and property transfers, such tools try predicting the value of your home based on the recent listing prices and sales in the area.

  • Hire the Best Professional Appraiser

Lenders need appraisal before they will approve mortgage, yet as an owner of a property, you may hire a professional appraiser to estimate the value of a home anytime. The job of an appraiser is to provide a value based on the client’s needs. There are times that clients like the value for a date in previous years and sometimes, it is the value of the current market for a purchase or refinance.

Why Home Valuation is Essential?

Knowing the value of your home enables you to assess what you could afford, determine whether the listing is price properly as well as decide how to price your home. The advantages of finding the value of a home do not end with a sale or purchase. Annual property taxes, insurance premiums, home equity lines of credit, and refinance are based on home value. Determining the value of a home means greater control over such processes. The property taxes are open to appeal, for instance. If you could prove a valuation is very high through pulling comps, you might be rewarded with low tax bill.


Housevaluestore also has a lending center with a mortgage, and refinance calculator. The company aims at providing the best home valuations and real estate search experience for sellers and buyers respectively.

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