How HeadlinePlus Distribution Works

Our Distribution Service is the perfect platform to tell the world about your news. We distribute your press release quickly and put it in Google News without breaking the bank.

When using our service, you can include an image, a video, and up to four URLS within the press release. Once the press release has been distributed, it will then be promoted through social media to give you more exposure.


Step 1. Sign up for an account. Once you have signed up for an account you can submit your press release and enjoy all the benefits our distribution service offers.

Step 2. Submit your press release. You can submit your press release through our form where you can include an image and a video.

Step 3. Choose your distribution method. We have different distribution services available which includes our Premium Plus distribution service.

Step 4. Make Your Payment.

Step 5. Once your press release has been distributed a full report will be sent to your account email address. A message will also be sent through your account message service to let you know the press release has been distributed.

Thank You! Your Press Release is submitted