How to add overseas property into a retirement plan


As you wave goodbye to the world of full-time work, generating income from multiple sources becomes vital to build up your pension pot and see you through your golden years.

Why keep your cash in low interest accounts when it could be working harder elsewhere? Buying overseas until you’re fully retired or investing solely for rental income can give you fruitful options, especially with the pound strengthening against the euro – timing couldn’t be better!

With milder climates, exceptional medical facilities, tax, capital gains and inheritance advantages, what’s not to like? Some of the best retirement and rental investment locations include:


A perennially popular holiday destination, Southern Portugal is perfect for rental investments. Consistently voted one of the best places to retire, the Algarve strikes the perfect balance between a relaxed way of living and an active retirement.


With a rich cultural history and warm weather to soothe those aches and pains, the Iberian lifestyle proves irresistible to many. An international holiday hotspot, Spain is a safe bet for a rental investment in the years leading up to your retirement.

Cape Verde

As an emerging destination, tourism is on the rise in the beautiful Cape Verde. Demand is heavily outweighing supply, snapping up a property here pretty much guarantees great rental returns. Boost your retirement savings before making the move to this spectacular archipelago where you can enjoy stunning beaches and temperatures in the 20s year round.


Swing your gaze east and you’ll find a burgeoning expat community enjoying the climate and low cost of living in Bulgaria. Often overlooked as a retirement destination, this Eastern European gem offers a rich tapestry of history and culture.

Cyprus also attracts substantial foreign investment, particularly Paphos and upmarket Limassol, and if you don’t mind being further from home, Florida’s balmy weather and beautiful beaches appeal to retirees and holidaymakers alike.

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