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How to choose NFC tag–Buyers’ Guide

Firstly let’s see What’s NFC?

Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 4 cm (1.6 in) of each other.

What’s the most welcome chip for NFC Tags?

There is no doubt ntag213, most popular, medium-sized NDEF needs; long URL or text, price competitive, well-connected by most of NFC mobile phone.

Considering how to choose the suitable NFC tag today, we will be discussing different NFC tags applying in different fields. After reading this you will know how hot the NFC is! And you can use NFC tag all around your life.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well, it has happened.

Here we will introduce from three aspects, people, natural things and man-made.

NFC Card / Keychain for parking

Each shopping mall must have a parking area, it’s convenient for people to buy lots of things by driving their car there. At the same time, parking cost is another profit. The cost is related to the parking time, an NFC card can help to calculate the cost.

The card is standard size, 85.5*54*0.84mm, printing logos, serial number, but normally for temporary parking, one-time use is good. What should you think about is how to attract more people come back again. Discount card with a prepaid function would be a good idea. But not this card. Why? size is too big to take it, people unwilling to take this card all the time. If your clients forget to take this card to the shopping mall, do you think they must go to the same shopping mall every time? Maybe not, they will find everything fresh and new.

Even though, do not worry. NFC tags are always variable. Making cards smaller, more elegant, light and handy. hanging on the keychain unnoticed when your clients no need use it. What’s kind of tag? Bingo! It’s NFC keyfob.NFC tag

The most common one is ABS, but let’s say no! Nothing special, people will be mixed with their key to the door. An epoxy NFC keyfob or printed NFC tags make your parking card stand out. Printing the shopping mall’s logo with a special shape, it’s distinctive from others. Like a gift or decoration for your dearest clients. With the NFC chip inside, collecting points, recording the parking time are out of question. The more consumption they made, the more discount they get, the never be afraid of losing your customers. What’s more, the epoxy NFC keyfob like a moving advertising, everyone can see it once your clients hang on the keychain wondering the street.

NFC business card for exchanging contact information with a bee

You must throw away many business cards and catalog after a fair or show, there is no doubt that some of your potential clients did the same as you. after your hard-working in the show you got nothing. However, you are still waiting, expecting someday they will send you an inquiry say, hi, I want to purchase your products… that’s would be a dream never come true. What worse, you wasted a month to design the catalog, cost thousands to print them out, carry them thousands of miles from your factory to the fair, with full expectations distributing to your potential clients, only 5 minutes late, being put into the garbage bin. How sadly you are!

PVC-NFC-cardHave you ever think about how to store your information on their mobile phone? Grabbed it out of their hands and tap your contact information in? That’s ridiculous!

NFC business card can help you to make it. With Ntag213 chip, encoded with your name, phone number, website URL. When visitors come to your booth, show your NFC business card, close to their NFC mobile with a “bee”, all your information go to their mobile. They will not refuse to get more information about potential vendor without extra weight. As for you, no need cost much time and money on your catalog, just an NFC business card, your information lying down their mobile phone.

One day, they want to purchase your products, just click their phone and send an inquiry says hi, I want to purchase your products. fortunately, your dream comes true. Amazing, right? Have to say this is a win-win project.

NFC bracelet for Festivals, Sports Events, Cinemas, Theme Parks etc

You must find a situation, the paper ticket becomes less and less, even hard to see it, instead of it, NFC bracelets used too much in Festivals, Sports Events, Cinemas, Exhibitions, Theme Parks etc. You may feel curious, why the holder cost much to apply for NFC bracelet ticket? They will say, well, give our clients better experience.

Really, it’s much more convenient for visitors, they just wave their hands and pass in. Say goodbye to take out wallet instead of scanning their NFC bracelets to finish all purchase and consumption. They can totally enjoy themselves during the participation without worry about lost their values. Visitors must feel happy with such service.

Do you know what’s kind of benefits does holders get? Let’s me tell you the secret.water park rfid bracelet

Before, visitors buy a ticket without requesting provide name, phone number, address. once finished, visitors left, the holder gets nothing. But now, once you booking the ticket need fill with name, phone number, address, birthday, all should be encoded in the NFC chip. Once get into the entrance, all those information stored in their system, even know when did you come. After the event, they get everything they want, can clearly know the demographic, including how many percents of male, female, children. A general plan for the next activities came out. If you plan to make an event or festival, believe that NFC bracelet will give you a surprise!

NFC Label–partner of your mobile phone

After a whole day working, back home, you do not want your mobile phone ring anymore, make it silence, have a rest. However, forget to recovery it, you missed many important calls next day morning, so distressed! How about sticking an NFC label at the side of your door, setting as keep your mobile phone silence for 8 hours once you get back home. A perfect setting right?

How about outside, does NFC label still help? Let’s see how does scenic region manager provide the service.

NFC Stickers help you find what you want in the scenic region

In the holiday, you make a plan to visit a scenic region, it’s so big and complicated, are you afraid of losing your way? In the past, yes! But now absolutely not, there are NFC stickers on the way, you just use your phone, read it. restaurants, hotels, rest places, all come out, you just choose where you want to go with navigation, as you have a personal guide. Even if you are hungry or sleepless, you can book a snack or hotel finished all on your phone. What amazing journey it is!

Talking about the journey, a situation comes to mind. Before people leave the hotel have to double check if there anything left. Even goes far away from the hotel, still thought there is something left but can not remember what it is. Why not sticking an NFC label on every valuable thing, and make a list before your journey, scan all goods to make sure everyone back to your bag then leave the hotel. Even not, you can clearly know what is left. See, it’s simple, convenient, effective and cured your obsession.

All above NFC tags for people, let’s talk about some tags for nature things.

NFC tags for animal

For us, it’s hard to distinctive pigs, sheep, cows, and other livestock by eyes. even the feeder, they can not know clearly in a large group. Unfortunate, if one of an animal was infected, it would be a dangerous thing without any way to segregate infected one. If the one mixed in the group, how would you pick it up? Do you call their name? Oh, you do not know their name, even they do not have a name. You call their number, I am sorry, they cannot understand you. If you give them an ID, every problem would be solved. NFC tags for pigs, sheep, cows, can use ear tag, each animal with a unique ID number, connected with their growing details. For birds, NFC rings would be more suitable. Each animal has an identification tag, even changed feeder, can go through their ID tag get all details, also can find out the one you want. Surprising! Right? You can recognize animals even they look the same.nfc animal tag

As for now, you are thinking about some other things like the animals that can not be easily distinguished from a large quantity. Aha! It’s tree! With so many trees in the forest or garden, how do you know those trees’ habits, age and grow them well? An NFC nail tag can help you to make it.

People insert an RFID nail tag into the tree and print a label or sign on the tree, use RFID reader encode the information, name, age, diameter on the tag. Not like the metal label hang on the tree, which would be influenced by the weather, or destroyed by others. for some tourists without any experience, they can use a mobile phone to read the NFC nail tag to get the information of the tree. Let’s all learning from life with NFC tag.

It’s also a good partner of a fruit farmer, they can encode the production data in the tag, compare data file through 2-3 years, and easily choose the good seed, kick out the bad one. make the most use of ground. Fruit harvest, price lower, consumers get benefits, everybody is happy!

NFC tags for man-made products management

Here now show you some good ideas about equipment management, let you get rid of troubles from managing equipment & machinery.

Maintenance of machinery & equipment is the important process to make sure the safety and long-term operation. regular checking is necessary, with so many equipment, how does factory manager remember the date, the problem happened in which machine. Some of you may say stick a label on the machine, and next time stick another and keep going stick. Maybe you are doing like this. If some sticker missing, what should you do?

Let’s see how does other factory use NFC cable tag to manage equipment. Using NFC cable tag tie to the machinery encoded all information about the date of import, problems happened, what’s the problem, fixed by who, last maintenance time… See, so easy, no sticker.

nfc sealThis is for managing indoor, how about outside?

NFC cable tag may be influenced by weather, also can be easily destroyed, it’s obliviously not suitable for outside manage with a long time. Let me show a durable one– NFC seal. made of ABS and steel, bear bad weather, stand wear and tear. Normally for water meter and ammeter, what’s more, good partner for a container, what’s it can be achieved that let the operator see through the container without opening it by reading the tag only. Why not have a try?

If there no place to hang or tie the NFC seal how should we do? Like well lid.

That’s really a good question.

Let’s see the NFC checkpoint tag, insert the well lid, waterproof, shake-proof, ABS material, the temperature can be -20 to +55 degrees Celsius. Perfect! Right?

Problems on work solved, let’s show something on game and toys.

NFC Card for study machine & Toys

Did you find that children do not like to do some reading, and hard to remember what the book taught. If they can interact with the book, would they become more interested in studying?

Let’s make the NFC card in different shape, round, square, large or small. Printing on both sides, one side is a word, on the other is a related picture. When the study machine speaks out winter, children should pick up the NFC card printed with snow, put on the study machine, once the study machine recognizes the card is right, can go on for the next question. if wrong, have to find the right one. You can check the total finish time to see any improvement does your child make. let the NFC card help your children are fond of studying, what a good thing!

Except studying, a competitive game also can make use of NFC tag. Put a small tag in the toy, like a yoyo. During the match, the NFC tag can evaluate who is the winner according to the number of turns in the limited time. This is what you cannot imagine before, but now NFC tag makes it.

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