Hudssengoss AG Limited is pleased to announce the globally connected launch of


Hudssengoss AG Limited is pleased to announce the globally connected launch of, the all new Trade Bank Platform which has been in development and testing since 2013. Many millions have been spent on creating the perfect globally connected environment for buyers, sellers and banks to trade without risk of non-performance or non-payment from their counterparts. At all parties are guaranteed, insured and transparent.

Hudssengoss AG Limited is a US Registered organization that is both Federally recognized and taxed as an Indian Tribal Government which allows the platform and Hudssbank to operate with more protection than any other trade banking platform. is housed on tier 1 dedicated bank encrypted servers, fully connected in the banking network, allowing for real time trade settlements and end to end transparent connection. Therefore, allowing even the most risk adverse financial institutions the ability to make immediate decisions.

The platform automatically scans outgoing and incoming members and any other movements 24/7. This data is then shared while simultaneously receiving data through direct bank system integration with the European Central Bank, US Treasury, Global Credit Insurance, London Metals Exchange (LME) and OFAC. This allows the KYC process around the clock, real time reconciliation and an umbrella protection for all parties.

Lastly, our members enjoy a straightforward and easy to use online banking and trade interface which can be accessed on any mobile or desktop operating system. Thus providing real time access to their accounts and bank encrypted secure messaging and document storage. Personal accounts are available for real time credit transfers between members, businesses and banks giving immediate access to payments received and trades completed.

Please send an email to and request registration or simply go to and click the register now link found under the login boxes.


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