Hypnosis Weight Loss Program exclusively for women by Laura Ellis CPLT is now on Skype


South Daytona, Florida (February 20, 2018) – Hypnosis Weight Loss Program exclusively for women by Laura Ellis CPLT is now in the privacy of your own home via Skype treatments or in her office.

This unique program has been created exclusively for women. Through this program, women can achieve the following; self-discovery, removal of emotional stress, reduction in emotional eating, stop craving for high calorie fatty foods, nutritional support, removal of fears, and more.

Laura Ellis CPLT uses mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma. She is the founder and CEO of Transitions Liaison Global. She offers her clients highly effective products and healing modalities for lasting positive life changes through her Past – Life Regression Therapy, Healing Hypnosis, Transformational Relationship Council, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Life Path Assessments. Her compassionate and highly developed empathic approach puts her clients on the fast – track to healing as she has earned the trust and love of so many professionals worldwide, among them are individuals in the medical field, attorneys, high profile entertainers, and countless other individuals from all walks of life.

For over 17 years, Laura has devoted her life to helping people overcome their challenges deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and live the lives they were created to live. Laura is considered an exceedingly complex woman and a global expert in her field of work. Her expert personalized sessions are now offered in the privacy and comfort of your own home via Skype treatment. A complimentary 15 minute phone consultation is also offered by appointment @ 386 265-4609.

Laura brings together a variety of techniques and products drawn from her personal transformational experience to helping women globally learn how to overcome all challenges. She offers these products from her office and through Skype implementation.

Laura aims at working with women in their mid – life years who are seeking to make dramatic, positive life changes. Contact Laura through Skype @ lauraellis888

About Hypnosis Weight Loss Program exclusively for women
To know more about this program, visit https://www.transitionsliaison.com/

Contact Person: Laura Ellis CPLT Phone: (386) 265-4609
Skype: @ lauraellis888