Hyundai Canada partners with Virtuo Toronto to reveal a groundbreaking, interactive 360 video showcasing the Elantra SUPERSTRUCTURE being put to the test


Hyundai Canada, has joined forces with the North American leading producer of 360 videos to showcase the Ultimate Strength Test of the Elantra SUPERSTRUCTURE. The three minute 360 video allows viewers to experience the demonstration that took place at the Hearn in Toronto, were seven fully functioning vehicles were stacked onto the Elantra SUPERSTRUCTURE, giving the viewers a vantage point never fully achieved before in a conventional advertisement. The unique virtual experience brought the test of strength to life, with embedded, interactive information showing the process from its very inception.

The video not only represents a next step in video marketing on You Tube, but a starting point for a future of virtual reality. The makers of the video, Virtuo360, have created a customizable platform for 360 virtual experiences called VirtuoReality which allows advertisers to ad a new level to the 360 video experience. The video demonstrates the cutting edge of video marketing.

The video can be viewed here:

About Virtuo360:

Virtuo is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Toronto and Montreal and is a leader in creating custom 360 video and virtual reality experiences. With over 10 years of experience in creating virtual tours, and as a Google-Trusted Agency, they have worked with international brands to create a multitude of custom designed virtual experiences.

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