Delivers Magento Hosting with LiteMage Cache, a San Francisco Bay Area-based web hosting provider specializing in SSD hosting services, has installed LiteMage Cache to all of its Magento Hosting plans.

LiteMage Cache for Magento is a full page caching technology from LiteSpeed Technologies that is designed to accelerate Magento Hosting by performing caching and using Edge Side Includes (ESI) at the web server layer.


“Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions right now, but its heavy architecture can lead to performance issues,” said Adrian Gonzales, President of “With LiteMage Cache for Magento, our Magento Hosting is sped up significantly. Magento users on our hosting platform can be rest assured that their Magento store will perform at top speed no matter how intensive their store can become.”

All Magento Hosting plans come with HP Enterprise SSD Hosting Storage. With numerous business tools available,’s SSD hosting plans are particularly targeted toward entrepreneurs, home business starters and small businesses. All web hosting plans come with dedicated 24-hour phone, chat and ticket technical support.

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