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[Dubai, United Arab Emirates]: Al Raqeem Intellectual Property is now offering trademark registration services in the United Arab Emirates to aid clients in corporate and brand growth and success. Offering this service allows clients to secure and safeguard the welfare and prosperity of their organization. Trademark registration enables companies and other businesses to protect and claim their brand by trademarking any distinct type of signatures, letters, graphics, titles, pictures, patterns, words, names, seals, slogans, website, software, or logos. Trademark registration includes distinguishing marks or markings used or with the intended use to identify products, goods, or services to a specific seller or provider of the trademarked marketing. The act of trademarking preserves the proprietary rights of the branding to that solely of the possessor.

Additionally, the firm offers additional trademark services for clients. Trademark watching and monitoring defend against organizational branding infringement, leading to revenue loss and brand credibility. Trademark search discovers trademarks similar to those of clients that hold the potential to put client’s branding at risk. Search services include researching unregistered, canceled, and expired trademarks in the UAE, in addition to applications that are pending or have been abandoned. Trademark renewal services allow clients to renew trademarked items.

Trademark registration is a primary element in securing and protecting intellectual property in the UAE.
Benefits of registration of a trademark include, but are not limited to:

Safeguarding of brand or organizational identity
Provides claim to specific imagery/wording to distinguish companies from other organizations in the same industry
Defends against potential counterfeiting or imitations goods/services
Legal authorization and ownership of the trademarked product
Allows for the establishment of organization and brand credibility and awareness
Prevents other individuals or businesses from profiting off or tarnishing the trademark’s brand

The UAE registers trademarks under a ‘class’ system, covering various products and services. One application is required per trademark class is required. UAE establishes 44 categories for registration of trademarks, although registering under classes irrelevant to the enrollment of product/service branding if unnecessary. Al Raqeem shall take the duties and responsibilities of filling applications under the correct class. Costs attributed to trademark registration in one class total 8,259.00, which encompasses filing fees, publications in trademark journals, and two Arabic newspapers, registration, and professional fees.

Al Raqeem is not limited here is trademark registration service. They are also providing all other intellectual property registration and PRO service like:
1. Trademark Registration
2. Trademark Registration in GCC
3. Worldwide Trademark Registration
4. Copyright Registration
5. Patent Registration
6. Industrial Design Registration
7. Professional Translation Service

Al Raqeem Intellectual Property Agent continues to perform as one of the most prominent IP offices in the United Arab Emirates. Upon opening in 2003, the accomplished team of experienced professionals has offered various intellectual property services, patent registration, copyright registration, and international trademark registration. The firm’s clients consist of multinational corporations to individuals, with services expanding beyond the UAE’s borders to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and other countries.


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