IMYPATH New Social Networking site with a unique way toSocial Network

Founder and CEO Mark Alonzo Alexander created IMYPATH in less than a year while deployed in the Air Force in South Korea. He saw a need for discrete social media communication with large content storage and search capabilities without intrusive ads. 

At only two months old, IMYPATH has already received substantial interest from users and buyers alike. The app is free to download and packed with powerful, innovative capabilities; yet its interface is simple and easy to use.

IMYPATH puts users in the driver’s seat by enabling them to control what they see and how and who they communicate with. Broken down into commonsensical categories, IMYPATH organizes information according to what users want to see. Users can manage thousands of categories and view relevant content all from one profile; with IMYPATH users can  connect with supporters, friends, role models and likeminded people in any category instantly. 

IMYPATH is positioned to compete with the best of search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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