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At a time when bots are replacing humans in many industries and artificial intelligence is fast catching up, Harshit Raghav seems unconcerned as he shifts his focus from the computer screen to greet us with a smile.

Ever watched a visually stunning presentation and wondered what it takes to create one? Well then, we caught up with Harshit Raghav, professional blogger and an entrepreneur, who co-founded SlideCEO, a professional presentation template design company.     

Excerpts from the interview.

Tell us a little about SlideCEO?

Well, to tell a little…. SlideCEO is a platform to download Professional PowerPoint templates. We had a simple question “How to create a presentation instantly that still looks delightful and captivating just like the one designed by a professional presentation designer?” and the answer is SlideCEO.  The site has almost 4000 PowerPoint template slides and plans to add over 10000 templates by the end of 2018. All our slides are completely editable. Customer can do any customization such as changing the color, font, shape, size etc.

There are several template selling websites online. Yours is just one of them. Your remarks….

There is no second thought to the fact that there are very good platforms in the market, offering wonderful Pre-designed PowerPoint slides, but affordability plays the key role in differentiating between the various platforms. We are looking at executives who come to our site, who want minimalistic, non-fuzzy slides that’s also easy on the wallet. The most expensive slide pack on the site is only $9. Single Slides are also sold for just $1. There is also credit based annual plan for $49 and $99 that comes at unbeatable discounts.

So, all your templates are paid….

No, we offer several Free PowerPoint templates as well. We see free templates download every single day. Generally, paid templates are our premium designs.

Are you not worried about bots taking over humans? Does that affect your business?

“Would it not be great that all your menial works are taken care by the bots that you get the time and energy to focus on things that only a human being is capable of, to explore the other dimensions of life instead of doing repetitive no-brainer works all the time” asks Harshit.

In my opinion, design is not something that bots can take over so easily “designing mechanically without understanding the intent of the presentation is a disaster. Before designing, a designer needs to have a critical evaluation and closer reading of the content, only then it is possible to approach the design without leaving out the crux of the message in the presentation which is something that only a human eye is capable of doing” says Harshit.

Why do you say so? Can’t Bots design?

I am not saying that. We are seeing it is already happening. I am just saying that I used to think creating presentations was more technical, like enhancing the look and feel of the presentation, applying rich graphic and converting text intense slides into more diagrams based visuals but only later I realized that it was not just technical, there is more to the creative dimension which a designer needs to perceive and imbibe and it’s not easy for artificial intelligence to take over that aspect from us.  

Your favorite product in SlideCEO?

“All are my favorite”, laughs Harshit. I like any slide that is pleasant to my eyes and perfect to my purpose. 

Fine. Let me ask this way. The Most hot selling product in SlideCEO….

Our customer base primarily consists of business executives, marketing professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and sales team members. So, obviously, venn diagrams, business plan PowerPoint templates, marketing toolkits and statistics templates sell good in our site.

Will more variety of products in the site increase your visibility?

Yes, ofcourse. We are planning to bring in products slideshows, marketing toolkits, looping presentation, branding templates, brochure templates, poster templates etc.

All these templates are already available in several other sites. Your remarks..

If you see, all these templates are available as Photoshop files, illustrator files. How many of us know how to work with Photoshop or illustrator. People who need these templates are mainly marketing & sales guys. In SlideCEO, we plan to offer these templates as editable PowerPoint files. Imagine, someone wants to create a posture or a brochure, all he/she needs to do is to download the editable powerpoint file from SlideCEO, edit the content and start using it. This will be so simple and easy that anyone can create a posture, brochure, and slideshows just in no time.

Where do you like to see yourself in the next couple of years?

It is our team’s firm belief that SlideCEO has the potential to become the finest & most affordable marketplace for downloading PowerPoint slides or PowerPoint Presentation Templates as it is generally referred to. This is the vision we carried and determined to stick to, when SlideCEO was founded.

4 years ago, when we started the company, we had lot of challenges to face. We had the option of doing something that is just incremental to what is already being done by others or something yet to be explored. We chose the latter but we do not flaunt ourselves by saying that we have achieved it, we know there is a long way to go, and there is still a lot and lot to do. Yet, we are happy that, we are certain about the path now and most importantly, we are sure that we are half way through and there is no looking back.

Today, we are happy yet humble to see that our site houses more than two thousand pre-designed PowerPoint Slides. We wish to provide maximum value to the customers and have been working hard to see ourselves in a place where a user gets maximum value for money. We have been harnessing all our energies to move in that direction and we are hopeful of doing with all the support and hard work of our team.

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