In2town Press Release Talks To Anne Ousby About Her New Book Your Friend E Which Was Inspired By The Oscar Pistorius Trial




The world has been gripped over the Oscar Pistorius trial, and when this week it was thought the former Olympic Hero would be sent back to prison for twenty years, he was given bail.


Oscar Pistorius committed one of the most shocking crimes in recent history in Africa where he killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on the morning of the 14th February 2013. According to Oscar, he fired through the bathroom door as he thought burglars were in his property, a claim that was dismissed by the prosecutors. To this day, Reeva Steenkamp family believe they have not been given the truth by Oscar and have said he needs to be punished. But, when the world thought justice was finally going to done, the former Olympic Hero walked free from court on bail.

For the world it has become a long running drama, for the family of Reeva Steenkamp it has become a story that has no ending in sight. One book that has been inspired by the Oscar Pistorius trial, called Your Friend E, which was written by Anne Ousby has an ending and brings as much drama as the trial of the former Olympic Hero.

We decided to speak to Anne Ousby who has written four books and find out more about her latest book and the reasons behind it.


Anne Ousby, you have written your fourth novel titled Your Friend E, what inspired you to write the book?


My daughter lives in South Africa with her family and I was staying with them when Oscar Pistorius was tried and sentenced in 2014. The verdict of culpable homicide disappointed everyone I spoke to. They predicted that the possible five year max term for the killing of Reeva Steenkamp would never be more than ten months – and they were right.


What is the book about?

‘Your Friend E’ explores a young woman’s obsessive desire to avenge the death of her murdered sister and, as the novel unwinds, the reader sees how such an obsession can change/ruin a person’s life.


You say the story around Oscar Pistorius inspired you to write the book, can you explain more?

I was aware of the horrendous statistics of violent crime against women in South Africa. But it was only when a woman I knew was brutally murdered that the Pistorius case became more to me than just one more statistic.  


Do you agree with the way the case was handled regarding Oscar Pistorius?

As an outsider it is difficult for me to point the finger at South Africa’s judicial system, but in this particular instance it seems as if many mistakes were made.


If Oscar Pistorius was not a public figure, do you feel the outcome would have been different?

I believe that Pistorius’s status was such that his trial was bound to attract huge media coverage and this in itself was bound to influence the outcome of the trial.


How hard was it to write Your Friend E?

I started writing this book almost as soon as I got back to the UK after my trip to South Africa last year and finished it ten months later. I can’t say it wrote itself but it certainly seemed to have a momentum all of its own.


You have now written three books, has the writing process got any easier?

A little!



Why did you decide to start writing novels?

Originally I wrote plays and short stories. I don’t really know why I started writing novels; in fact I thought I never would. I wasn’t sure I was capable of sustaining the characters and plot throughout a longer piece.



Some writers do not believe in writers block, do you believe in writers block?



For people who like to read and buy your book, where is it available?

My books are available on Amazon, in hard copy and eBook formats.


Your Friend E by Anne Ousby can now be found on Kindle and in paperback at Amazon. Visit to learn more about the book and to obtain a copy.


About Your friend E
Your friend E’ is a contemporary novel set in South Africa. Evie and Shon Adze aren’t just sisters, they’re soul-mates, and when Shon is brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Evie’s life is shattered. Her only consolation is that the murderer will be caught and punished but when he escapes and flees the country Evie vows that someone else will have to pay for her sister’s death.