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Influexer Announces a Game-Changing Fundraising Round for Q4 2023

MIAMI, FL – Coming straight out of Miami’s innovation hub, “The Hub/Office Logic”, and refined by the prestigious accelerator “Shrimp Society”, Influexer, the vanguard in link-in-bio platforms, is embarking on its momentous Q4 2023 fundraising venture.

Bridging Influencers and Opportunities: Experiencing a meteoric rise by onboarding over 265,000 LatAm users in a mere span of 3 months, Influexer has showcased its prowess in redefining the influencer arena. This platform is tailor-made for influencers and their extensive teams, facilitating effortless collaborations and ensuring streamlined transaction management.

The heart of Influexer lies in its singular link-in-bio feature. This interface equips influencers with a unique consolidated brand window, making it ease for enterprises and fans to interact and transact. Whether unifying all social media profiles or crafting personalized white-label profiles, Influexer stands unrivaled.

At The Helm: Alejandro Rivera – A luminary with 15 enriching years in the Advertising sphere, Rivera’s collaboration roster reads like the who’s who of the industry, including names such as Sapient Nitro, Publicis Groupe, and Razorfish. His adeptness in marshaling diverse creative brigades, from local to global, has set him apart.

Giuliano Kranevitter – Tech virtuoso, Kranevitter, with over a decade’s experience, has carved a niche, especially with his leadership role at American Express. His illustrious portfolio featuring names from AMEX to Carnival Corporation accentuates his industry stature.

The Investment Landscape: Influexer isn’t merely a tool; it embodies an investor’s dream. With an ambitious revenue forecast of over $20 million by 2028, its diversified revenue avenues, strategic outreach, and expanding brand footprint make it an enticing avenue for the astute investor.

Through ingenious strategies like the voting feature, Influexer has been a magnet for priceless data. Their imminent foray into prominent global markets like the USA, Spain, UK, and Canada is bound to propel this momentum.

Be Part of The Next Big Thing: For the discerning investor with a penchant for pioneering ventures, Influexer offers an opportunity that’s hard to pass. With its dynamic leadership, international ambitions, and a blueprint for success, missing out isn’t an option; it’s a regret waiting to happen.

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About Influexer:

Conceived in Miami in 2021, Influexer is setting benchmarks as a pivotal B2B SaaS player in the influencer ecosystem. Spearheaded by industry giants Alejandro Rivera and Giuliano Kranevitter, Influexer is on a relentless path of innovation and global conquest.

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