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“In the old days,” says Andrew Ellis of InfographicAlley, “large companies used to talk about their website as something new and exciting – and it was.  Now everybody’s online, which is great in many ways, but it can make create something of a challenge when you’re competing for people’s attention against everything else the internet has to offer.  If you’re not careful, you can wind up spending a whole lot of money for very little reward and only discover too late that if you’d been a bit more astute with your budget, you could have done a whole lot better for a whole lot less money.”

“The Pay Per Click Trap”

“For the record”, continues Andrew Ellis “I’ve nothing against PPC, not in principle and not in practice, it can still be very useful, however in my opinion it’s been rather over-hyped.  The whole point about PPC is that if a customer searches on one of your terms, you are guaranteed that your search result will be put in one of the top positions for their search and everyone knows that the top positions in a page search are the most valuable.  That’s all well and good as far as it goes, but even there the value of the position depends greatly on how much time the customer has available to browse.  PPC works most effectively when a customer is in a situation where they need a solution right there and right then and just don’t have time or inclination to scroll through other options.  Outside of those “emergency” situations, customers are far more likely to look and see at what else is on offer because by this point in time most people have long since learned that the person with the biggest advertising budget is not necessarily the person with the best offering.  That’s why organic search results can have a whole lot more credibility and these days, while SEO isn’t at all free, it can actually be a whole lot more affordable than PPC advertising, which is getting increasingly expensive.”

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

“Here’s the great thing about SEO” says Andrew Ellis “your SEO is yours and yours alone, nobody can just outbid you for it the way they can for PPC keywords.  The reason for this is that getting to those top rankings takes effort and once you’ve hit them you can just “set it and forget it” or you’ll plummet straight back down again.  You need to keep working at it and that means regularly producing great content.  For practical terms, great content is both engaging and shareable, that means it has to entertain, inspire and/or educate enough for people to want to A pass it on to their friends and B find out more about the organization which created it.  These days you generally want a mixture of bite-sized content and longer-form content.  The basic idea is to use quickly-digested content to entice people onto your site (and/or social-media platforms) to consume your longer-form content and thus come to view you as an expert in your niche.”

Infographics were made for SEO

“Infographics are all over the net” continues Andrew Ellis “because they’re an amazingly effective form of content.  They are just made for social sharing and that’s huge for your SEO.  That’s where InfographicAlley comes in.  We offer a cost-effective way of getting your infographic out there and starting that sharing process.  Whatever your budget we have an option to suit you.  We not only provide a backlink to our site, but we can also include your infographic in our newsletter and on our social media platforms, which attract literally thousands of unique views from people who are actively looking for Infographics.  There are lots of reasons Infographicalley is hugely popular but I think there are two which really stand out.  The first is the fact that we actively curate the content on our site, so our visitors know that they’re only ever going to be presented with quality infographics and the second is that we have invested a lot in making our site easy to search as we know how bewildering and frustrating it can be to have to wade your way through a whole lot of content and we want to give our customers the best possible user experience.

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