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Innovative Indian Start-up to change the entire market and mark the end of big cab service providers

The single greatest gift to the society is when you can offer great value at a great price.

Innovation is by definition original, but originality is not necessarily the same as innovation. The number of aspiring dreams dropped only to find out of its pre-existence is countless in today’s date. A major mistake committed is ignoring the importance of knowing and understanding the paths already well-trodden. Shutting down the idea only ensures they won’t be exposed as a fish out of the water.

Aloha’s untamed aspiration to challenge the regular way has led this company to climb the charts today in the initial phase. This company’s kick-start success in short span of time is a proof that you don’t always need new ideas, rather, you need a new perspective. The unexpected creative benefits of a “beginner’s mind” has as we are witnessing, demonstrated wonders. This startup is on the verge of executing a revolution in technology by giving India its most affordable cab-hailing service, a stern competition to Uber and Ola in upcoming times. Aloha aims at achieving perfection by filling the gap in existing services.

Aloha is set to change the future of millions in India and possibly the rest of the world. One might wonder, how it could be possible to actually provide more than what the market players are offering. However, it’s interesting to note that Aloha would be providing one of the most cost effective and high-speed service, the market has ever seen.

While other players are making things more complicated for the general user, Aloha believes in simplicity and ease of use, because who likes to waste their time trying to figure out how to use an application. Searching for a ride, negotiating, etc. are now a thing of the past and fast online bookings has become even the common man’s first preference.

Aloha will not only benefit the Indian market with its handsome proposals but will also curate innumerable employment opportunities for the youth.

No more agitated drivers. Happy drivers, happy riders.

Almost everyone has had a bad experience with aggressive drivers who tend to be rude and break the rules. Aloha however, guarantees total employee satisfaction, which means you’ll be treated with utmost respect and enjoy a pleasant experience, whether short or long.

Don’t like tomato ketchup, pass the mayonnaise please.

Aloha believes that everyone is different and unique in their own way. For this reason, Aloha provides multiple options for their customers to make them feel extra special. Different riders, different options because with Aloha, there is always something for everyone.

No excuse to reach the destination.

The customer always reserves the right to travel anywhere and everywhere but unfortunately most service providers refuse to assure the same. But that’s not the case with Aloha at least.

Scheduled rides. Anytime. Every time.

Aloha provides the option to schedule a ride, weeks in advance. This is something that isn’t being offered by any other service provider and would be a boon for many to manage their time effectively.

Finally, the safety.

It all comes down to the safety of the ride. Fortunately, Aloha seems to have it covered. They guarantee the highest level of safety, to ensure your loved ones reach their destination on time, without having to bear any nasty situations. The same applies to their payment as well, since they have the most transparent payment module in the market.

It’s far more than customer satisfaction, Aloha believes in customer delight.

It takes immense courage to challenge the pre-established huge markets of Uber and Ola. Undoubtedly, Aloha has become the talk of the town in a matter of no time.

Aloha is a result of passion, determination, hard work and the drive to achieve the goal which is made keeping the middle class in mind and with a promise to satisfy the customers in all aspects.

Aloha is truly an inspiring start-up having all the qualities and values that is required to create a significant impact in the world.

Aloha towards its kick-start launch have already gained quite a good fame with few million hearts in its niche audience and focus to grow it exponentially around the globe in upcoming time.

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