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Innovative Team Announces Plans for Digital Scavenger Hunt Contest That can be Won Without Leaving Home

One of the summer’s great adventures, for many, was the annual scavenger hunt. Now this fantastic idea has been brought to the digital world, in an exciting coming contest that can be played by anyone from eight to eighty.

New York, NY – June 6, 2018 – Scavenger Hunts have always brought out the best in people of all ages, challenging their wit, sense of direction, smarts, and willingness to engage in adventure. Unfortunately, with time, this is just one of those traditional fun activities that ended up getting buried by the digital age. The good news is not for everyone – and an innovative team of developers and marketers have come together to bring back the scavenger hunt, but update it with the latest technology. Combining tech with a good deal of fun and creativity the Virtual Scavenger Hunt is on the way and people from all 50 states will be able to participate, without leaving their chairs using their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The enthusiasm surrounding the project is skyrocketing.

“During the past year we have been in developing a variation of the typical scavenger hunt and migrated the concept using today’s tech tools,” commented a spokesperson from the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. “These tools include, simple set of text clues, tied into GPS coordinates, trivia, AR, VR, crossword puzzles, QR codes, decode coded messages, Google Internet clue searches and much more.”

Unlike some recent variations on the scavenger hunt theme that have won some popularity, the Virtual Scavenger Hunt doesn’t require walking around, riding a bike, taking a bus, or driving a car. The whole adventure and excitement take place in cyberspace, without losing a bit of the challenge, excitement, or fun.

According to the game designers, the contest will take place over 50 hours, with 50 clues, with teams in 50 states. The event starts promptly at the same time for everyone at 9:00 AM EST, on August 25th, 2018. The first player to email all the correct answers to the team running Virtual Scavenger Hunt will be able to proudly raise their arms in victory.

All expectations are for this first Virtual Scavenger Hunt to be the start of something new, and competitive in an uplifting positive way. “Why not sign up and be part of the fun?” Developer of the HUNT comments. Early feedback has certainly been energetic.

Chris S., from Illinois, remarked, “I can’t wait to play the Virtual Scavenger Hunt. I’m good at following clues and answering tough questions and think I have a strong chance of finishing near the top or even winning!”

For more information or to register for the HUNT be sure to contact us at and on Kickstarter:

Media Contact
Company Name: SCAVENGER
Contact Person: Media Manager

Country: United States


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