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Funders Corner offers powerful industry insights and lessons on small business funding right from the “experts corner” contributors of small business financing.

West Palm Beach, FL, Sept 4th, 2018: Great news for small businesses struggling to find the right guidance on funding their ventures. Funders Corner provides powerful insights and lessons on funding a small business straight from small business financing “experts corner” contributors throughout the U.S. The website is one of the FIRST online resources that enables SME business financing services to share their day to day industry knowledge and experience as expert contributors.

The website features a new “Experts Corner” section of industry insights contributed by the “small business financing experts” themselves. 

“Small businesses are usually lean on capital and absence of adequate funding has led to the downfall of many otherwise potential startups. The sad part is these new businesses often lack the needed guidance to gather the required fund support to establish and scale their ventures. Yes, there are blogs and sites which offer scores of articles on funding small businesses yet none of them specifically provide ‘industry insights’ experts corner. The main reason here is these writers are not directly from the small business financing industry. And this is where Funders Corner comes to the rescue”, stated Nick Papageorge, the co-founder of Funders Corner. What separates funders corner from other online small business resources offering articles on business funding is its unique involvement of the real industry players.

“The best guidance on funding a small business comes from those who are actually involved in a day to day experience. Put simply, they can help you with the first-hand industry knowledge that will enable you to take informed and educated steps regarding funding your business. These expert contributors know all the ins and outs of business funding in the contemporary commerce scene and we will percolate all these necessary details to you through our blog.”

Funders Corner is bustling with multiple informative posts on funding small business contributed by the small business financing companies in the US. Readers will find industry insights on the best ways to small business financing, tips on credit score improvement for SMEs, best small business loans for bad credit and so on.

The website offers the great opportunity to small business financing companies to become full-fledged independent contributors. “With us, you gain insight into shared knowledge and support on small business funding.”

“Our connections with small businesses throughout the U.S. provides great exposure for our expert contributors. Each of your expert contributions, will have a potential reach of tens of thousands thanks to our huge network which will be mutually beneficial to both business financing contributors and our small business entrepreneurs alike.”

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