Inspirational Platform “You Own the World®” Premieres “Talk About It – World Hijab Day”


You Own the World® (YOW), an internet based platform designed for people to share inspiring stories and celebrate their achievements, with a focus on women’s causes, is proud to premiere “Talk About It – World Hijab Day” which is set to launch on the 1st of February.

            “Talk About It – World Hijab Day” is a thought provoking video designed to increase awareness about the significance of World Hijab Day from a unique perspective, and address common misconceptions and stereotypes many people have about those who choose to wear the Hijab (head-covering).   This knowledge packed piece will feature impromptu interviews, and also a one-on-one interview with a special guest.  Hosted by a young girl who’s just 9 years old, this will be engaging for both children and adults alike.

            In recognition of World Hijab Day (WHD) on the 1st of February, “Talk About It – World Hijab Day” will discuss what WHD is all about, with a clear focus on what the Hijab means to the many girls and women who wear them, without forgetting the founder of this global movement,  Nazma Khan, a New York resident who came up with the idea as a means to foster religious tolerance by asking global citizens of all faiths to wear the Hijab  for one day on February 1st of each year, in solidarity with Muslim women worldwide.

About You Own the World®

            You Own the World® is a platform that helps increase the recognition attributed to women for their abilities, accomplishments and contributions, and also one which brings greater awareness to women’s causes around the world which directly impact the proliferation of their achievements.

            This is also a platform that features good news and stories about people doing good deeds and making a difference in the world, because they own it.

            For more information about You Own the World® or to get in contact with them, log onto their website at  or you can call or email them at 888-YOW-7001 or