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Interview With Healthcare Professional In Jacksonville Florida Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath

Pharmacists  Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath interview  Healthcare Professional In Jacksonville Florida

Pharmacists Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath interview Healthcare Professional In Jacksonville Florida

Helping others ,what does this mean when it comes to career options? A Man with enthusiasm and expertise for the sciences decided to enter the workforce as a Doctor. He is one of our young scholars, now with a title attached to his name Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath; he is now armed with the ability to help those that are in need of healthcare.

In a brief interview he told me a little bit about himself, he first started with how he got into college “I always had a passion for the sciences especially chemistry and a desire to help others,” he wrote this on his college application, “and so the opportunity to care for others and help heal the sick is something that I can’t resist.”

Dr. Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath specifically chooses the role of Doctor of Pharmacy because a Pharmacist can be the major puzzle piece that connects the Physician and Patient to complete the health triad. Dr. Seenath explains that the Pharmacist is the final checkpoint the patient passes before going home. It is at this point that counseling for medication safety and effectiveness should be reiterated to the patient and their family.

The importance of the therapy as well as side effects of the medications should be provided and explained to each patient. Prior to becoming a Doctor of Pharmacy, Sanjeev has done some pretty impressive things; he spent most of his time at the Mayo Clinic where if he wasn’t volunteering he was working hand in hand with medical Scientists to understand molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumor progression.

He identified aberrant signaling pathways that could potentially be used for creating novel molecular cancer therapeutics. Dr. Seenath knack for learning new things and helping those who are in need of a helping hand doesn’t just stop here. He was very active during his Pharmacy school career. He is the founder of the first ever Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Chapter.

With his newly founded organization Dr. Seenath allocated funding and arranged for student Pharmacist trips all over the Globe that would expose his fellow classmates to non traditional roles of Pharmacy and Medicine around the world.

Not only was Dr. Seenath proactive in the classroom but outside the classroom he was extremely involved. He volunteered on weekends at the homeless shelter dishing out meals and providing basic care to the residents. Dr. Seenath would then become affiliated with Helping Hands Community Foundation.

Dr. Seenath soon became the President of Helping Hands and in collaboration with local Pharmacies and Medical Offices orchestrated free Health Fairs; providing free blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and HIV screening to underprivileged members of thecommunity. Dr. Sanjeev Hansraj Seenath is an exemplary one of a kind young man and we want to recognize him as the most influential Healthcare professional in the Jacksonville  community.

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