Interview With Author Nicholas Paschall On His New Horror Book Grimlocke Chronicles Interview

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Author Nicholas Paschall releases a new horror book called Grimlocke Chronicles. It has become one of the most talked about new Horror books of 2016.


There are not many horror books out there that can grip the reader and make them believe they are part of the story. Nicholas has been clever with the way he drags the reader in and not letting them go until the very last page.


We decided to speak to Nicholas Paschall and find out more about the book and the man behind the words.



1.     Nicholas Paschall, you have just written a new book called Grimlocke Chronicles, can you tell me more about the book?


Grimlocke Chronicles is a collection of some of my favorite stories I’ve written over the years. Despite one reason or another I never submitted any of them to a publisher and decided to keep them as my own in a collection. More important, in my horror stories I have the same “Universe”, where the supernatural is real and walks among us. This includes vampires, witches, and dark gods. 



2.     What was the reason to write short stores instead of a full novel?


 I’ve already published two novels and needed a way to tie them together. In my mythos, Grimlocke was a cultist from around the year 300 B.C.E. He traveled the world recording the arcane and bizarre, which sort of became the bible to worshippers of the old gods. Now the book itself is full of short stories for amusement, but they introduce tales that show how, for example, how the tome from my first book, The Ghost of O’Leary House was made. It introduces vampires, as well as risks of being around them despite their place in society.



3.     The book has received positive reviews from book reviewers and people who have bought the book, why do you feel the book is doing so well?


Because no two stories are alike. In most anthologies you have a common theme. Zombies, vampires, witches… after reading the same subject over and over it kind of loses meaning. But with Grimlocke Chronicles, each story jumps from one subject to the next. Some are comical in a macabre sense while others are suspenseful stories leading up to a big climactic scare.



4.     How did you come up with the short stores?


Mostly my dreams, or nightmares as some would say. I’ve always had surreal dreams that I can remember vividly and once I wake up I get to work typing. Sometimes I have to fill in gaps or remove the odd thought from the story, but it all stems from my nightmares.



5.     Was it easy to come up with the characters?


Now that is a tough one! Really, no. I’d have this story plotted out from a dream but no depth to the characters. I had to try and give each protagonist a reason to do what they were doing, and to make each antagonist something to be scared of. It’s hard to create a person because, in the long run, you have to determine how the character would react.

6.     Out of all the short stories you have written in the book, which one do you feel is the most frightening?


Toss-up between Chinese Graveyard and Red Mist. Chinese Graveyard is loosely based off a true story here in San Antonio, so it has some scary aspects to it right off the bat. Red Mist is yet another reason to fear the unknown and the dark, as well as water.



7.     Would you say it is harder to write a book of short stories or a novel?


Book of short stories. You have to have quantity and quality to make a great anthology. Short stories have to deliver the sense of dread and fear in short bursts, whereas a novel gives you a chance to really let loose and define characters on your terms.



8.     For people who have never bought a book of short stories before, what would you say to those people?


First of all, give one a try. If you like zombies, grab a zombie one. If you like general horror, try and find a book that has variety like mine does. Go to a bookstore and read one of the stories and see if you like it. If so, you’ve got yourself a book!




9.     In your own words, what reason would you give a book lover to buy your book?


Thirty plus stories that range from fantasy to science fiction, all of which are original takes on unheard of stories. Vampire lounge players, horrifying family traditions, possessed tomes… this book touches on everything, and shows you a little of each novel to come from me in the future. Besides that, my stories are unique! I went out of my way to write each one in a way I’ve never read before.



10. You have been writing for many years now, what can your fans expect to see next?


 I plan on writing at least one novel of every horror branch. Dark Fantasy, Occult, Ghost stories… I just finished a vampire and my first work is part Occult/ part Ghost story. Just expect to see me in anthologies from multiple publishers and to see my list of private works to grow. I already have a couple of book series mapped out and will be writing a sequel to “The Ghost of O’Leary House”. I plan to keep the presses printing for quite some time!




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About Nicholas Paschall
A horror author with tales clawing their way out of his skull, Nicholas Paschall has been in the business since 2011. Published in sixteen anthologies with one novel, he’s made himself a name for short, descriptive tales with bursts of gore after the suspenseful buildup, along with stories that take a turn for the weird.