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Interview with the World Powerlifting Champion Majid Shahnavaz

Today, we have the privilege of delving into the world of an athlete, Majid Shahnavaz, a powerhouse of determination and strength who has conquered the realm of powerlifting with unmatched prowess.

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and amazed as we uncover the secrets behind his success, the mindset that propels him to greatness, and the invaluable wisdom he has gained. Whether you’re a powerlifting enthusiast, an aspiring athlete, or seeking inspiration, this piece of writing promises to be a powerhouse of insight and inspiration.


He adhered unfailingly to a practice regimen spanning nearly two decades. Regardless of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and New Year’s celebrations, he consistently maintained his exercise routine.

First, let’s take a moment to recognize the remarkable achievements and honors that Majid Shahnavaz has earned throughout his illustrious career.


Asian Competitions

  • 2006, the Philippines, Gold medal
  • 2008, Hong Kong, Gold medal (breaking the Asian record)
  • 2009, the Philippines, Gold medal
  • 2014 Kyrgyzstan, Gold medal

World Championship Competition

  • 2005 Sweden, World Championship Competition, ranking 5th 
  • 2016 Denmark, World Championship Competition, ranking 4th
  • 2017 USA, Texas, World Championship Competition, ranking 4th

National Team Coaching (Iran)

  • 2005 South Korea, ranking first in Asia
  • 2006 Philippines, ranking first in Asia
  • 2009 Philippines, ranking first in Asia
  • 20013 Iran, Ahvaz


Asian Competitions

Every year from 2005 to 2017

World Championship Competition

  • 2016 Denmark
  • 2016 South Africa
  • 2017 USA, Texas
  • 2019 Dubai

In the following, you will find our interview with this champion.

What’s your favorite powerlifting exercise, and why do you find it particularly effective?


The bench press holds a special place as my favored exercise. Over time, through dedicated practice and training, I experienced a progressive improvement in my proficiency with this particular movement. As athletes often express, the motion became ingrained within my physique.

In the context of this exercise, I even developed unique techniques tailored to my specific needs. For instance, I crafted distinctive approaches concerning the positioning of my fingers and feet, which others regarded as my signature style. My body has assumed a natural disposition for this particular movement, a predisposition cultivated since my early childhood.

As a powerlifting champion, you must have a dedicated team behind you. How do your coaches and support system contribute to your achievements?

This sport was in its infancy, devoid of established pioneers to provide guidance. Consequently, I assumed primary responsibility for devising training regimens and methodologies. Throughout my training, I conscientiously enlisted the assistance of my friends and fellow trainees as external observers, akin to a third eye. Their role was to assess and provide feedback on the precision and accuracy of my movements, contributing to the refinement of my techniques.

How do you maintain motivation during training and when facing setbacks?

I did not intend to occupy the first position, and concurrently, I was experiencing discomfort. The fundamental premise of exercise should inherently yield an improved state of well-being. Consequently, I thoroughly examined the underlying factors contributing to my condition, crafting solutions to address them.

On occasions, the culprits were either excessive training or insufficient rest, which necessitated adjustments in my training routine. It became apparent that training alongside individuals who perpetually lamented and incessantly discussed their injuries could inadvertently influence one’s physical condition and potentially lead to injuries. In response, I took measures to distance myself from such individuals or sought alternative training environments.


Have you encountered any misconceptions about powerlifting or the sport’s culture that you would like to address?

Simultaneously with the advent of televised competitions, a trend emerged wherein many powerlifters achieved champion status in these televised events. Consequently, a prevailing sentiment of skepticism and apprehension enveloped this discipline, with concerns about its potential for harm. There was a widespread misconception that powerlifting necessitated an almost superhuman strength and power.

A further misunderstanding arose within the context of fitness clubs and gyms. This misunderstanding stemmed from powerlifting sharing spaces with bodybuilding and fitness disciplines. When a powerlifter demonstrated their capacity to lift substantial weights, it was often misinterpreted as an attempt to showcase their strength for ostentation. These individuals were primarily focused on surpassing their own personal records and achievements as powerlifters.

In response to these misconceptions and misinterpretations, we procured our weights. We discreetly placed them in a secluded section of the gym, taking precautions to secure them to prevent any potential damage to the gym’s equipment.

What do you enjoy most about being a powerlifting champion and representing the sport to a broader audience?

Voting to elect the president of the World Federation, Dubai,2019

I am fully prepared to impart my wealth of experiences to athletes within this domain, encompassing various facets such as training methodologies, the intricacies of competition, and more. Moreover, my background as a former athlete positions me to make judicious decisions in refereeing, ensuring that athletes’ rights with dedicated substantial effort and training are justly preserved.


My commitment to prioritizing my health through the pursuit of sports has proven to be a judicious choice. I now appreciate its profound benefits on my mental and physical well-being.


What changes would you like to see in the powerlifting community or the sport itself in the future?

The strategic objective on the horizon entails participating in the Olympics within two years. I hold this aspiration with great enthusiasm, cherishing the hope that it will come to fruition. As this sport becomes integrated into the Olympic framework, nations will likely allocate dedicated budgets for its development. This, in turn, will provide talented young athletes with a structured pathway toward achieving greater milestones and accomplishments in the discipline.

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