Introducing Prodeum: Combining Vegetables & Fruit with Ethereum


There’s no doubt that Blockchain technology will revolutionize nearly everything in due time. Right now, a majority of companies are focusing on the cryptocurrency aspect of the tech. Prodeum, a brand new startup, is focusing on bringing blockchain tech to our produce. PLUs, or Price Look-Up codes, have helped with inventory and pricing but haven’t done much else. Prodeum plans to introduce an advanced PLU system which also gives consumers info on the history behind their food.

 Introducing Prodeum: Combining Vegetables & Fruit with Ethereum

Consumers nowadays tend to be health conscious and would like to know exactly where their fruit and vegetables come from. With aPLU(Yes, that stands for Advanced Price Look-Up), consumers will be able to scan a small code on any fruit or vegetable with their phone. The scan will show a detailed history of the item, all the way from the farm to the store.

Aside from consumers, the new system will also benefit distributors and retailers. Distributors will be able to track items more effectively, which will be particularly useful in the event of lost or damaged shipments. Retailers will have detailed information that will allow them to identify contaminated produce before it even hits the store shelves. And marketers will be able to include useful information in the aPLU for health-conscious consumers. The system will be available to smaller organizations, such as growers and vendors at local Farmer’s Markets as well as large companies, ultimately creating trust between farmers and consumers.

Prodeum has already had discussions with the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS), and officially launched a crowdsale on January 20th. Plans are underway to begin trial runs in Lithuania and the U.S. later this year. Then, following further meetings with the IFPS, a beta app is in the works for late 2018 or early 2019.

Prodeum’s next-generation blockchain technology is poised to make the world a better place. To help it all happen and become a part of history, visit the website and participate in the Prodeum crowdsale.

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