Jane Conner King Talks About the Story of a Family Who Adopted Two Fox Cubs


Orland, CA – June 24, 2018: Writer Jane Conner King talks about a lovely tale of a family who rescued two Fox cubs from a barn that is about to be demolished. The book, “A Fox in the Family”, tackles about the journey of the family with the cubs growing to maturity and the different scenarios they have gone through altogether.

The family was known all over the area where they reside as a family who loves to do fox hunting while riding a horse with terriers living with the family. Aside from having several dogs, cats and horses the family’s house is surrounded by different wildlife creatures. To name a few, it includes quail, Chuckar, turtles, frogs, mice and different kinds of birds are residing near the house.

After receiving a call from a local lumber dealer who said they needed help in removing a litter of foxes found in a barn that is about to get demolished. After hearing so, the family agreed in hopes to try out their new Jack Russel Terrier named Maggie. And indeed with the help of Maggie, two fox cubs were found which was believed to be left behind by their mother.

The two cubs weren’t vicious just extremely scared. After going home with the two cubs, they were found to be male, and the children of the family grew fond of them.  The family treated the two cubs nicely and even bottle-fed them.

As the two cubs grew with the loving family, various heartwarming and hair-raising moments occurred. Join the family’s journey along with the two additional of the family with Jane King’s book entitled “A Fox in the Family.”

An excerpt from the “Crimes of Faith”:

“Underwear and other garments also fell prey to the foxes’ needle-sharp teeth. We all learned to pick up any discarded clothing if we wanted to keep the bottoms in our undies or the toes in our socks. The boys’ pajamas were another favorite item. I was always searching the house for lost dishtowels, pot holders, coasters, washcloths, brushes and hair curlers. Most of the missing items were found stashes and covered by the drapes behind the living room sofa.”

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About the author:

Jane Conner King grew up in Indiana which is where the story took place. She graduated at Purdue University and is best known for her ink sketches which were greatly manifested in her book “A Fox in the Family.”

Jane King herself loved doing fox hunting and was able to hunt over the US. Through her hunting she was able to watch how foxes interacted and gained broad information from doing so. As a retiree, she is now residing at Orlando and is happily living with her rescued birds.

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